Mobile Phone Sales Statistics

    mobile phone
  • A portable telephone that connects with the telephone network over radio wave transmission
  • cellular telephone: a hand-held mobile radiotelephone for use in an area divided into small sections, each with its own short-range transmitter/receiver
  • A mobile phone (also called mobile, cellular phone, cell phone or handphone) is an electronic device used for full duplex two-way radio telecommunications over a cellular network of base stations known as cell sites.
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  • (statistical) of or relating to statistics; "statistical population"
  • The practice or science of collecting and analyzing numerical data in large quantities, esp. for the purpose of inferring proportions in a whole from those in a representative sample
  • a branch of applied mathematics concerned with the collection and interpretation of quantitative data and the use of probability theory to estimate population parameters
  • gross sales: income (at invoice values) received for goods and services over some given period of time
  • The exchange of a commodity for money; the action of selling something
  • A quantity or amount sold
  • The activity or business of selling products
  • (sale) the general activity of selling; "they tried to boost sales"; "laws limit the sale of handguns"
  • (sale) a particular instance of selling; "he has just made his first sale"; "they had to complete the sale before the banks closed"
mobile phone sales statistics Predictive Dialler Realtime Statistics and Reporting
Predictive Dialler Realtime Statistics and Reporting
Industry Applications of Tpad Predictive Diallers include: Enterprises who make lot of continuous outbound calls. Telemarketers (business to consumer and business to business sales, lead generation, appointment scheduling) Charities Market research Public Relations and collections Surveys Polling Customer service calls Reminders Mass notifications Accident Claims Enquiries PPI (Mis-sold bank insurance) Enquiries
Bar Chart - GSM Market Results Last Quarter (Airtel vs Vodafone vs Idea) ;-)
Bar Chart - GSM Market Results Last Quarter (Airtel vs Vodafone vs Idea) ;-)
last week sales report from my cousins cell phone shop.. ;-) Disclaimer: This just correponds to sales in his shop.. The reality may be different .. Nor I am an Airtel fanboy. I want to retry this again with more light to remove the darkness in the right part.