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The Kentucky September 11th Memorial owes it photographic chronology to John and Jean Wesley.  Their photojournalism has allowed you to follow the planning, development, reception, construction, and finally the 10th Anniversary ceremony of this spectacular memorial honoring those that sacrificed all.  In each of the galleries below you are transported to each critical phase and introduced to the citizens and companies that gave of their time and resources to recognize those citizens of this great Nation that gave and continue to give of themselves.  Those desirous of sharing personal photographs may send them to this website via email.
The Beginning.  As discussed earlier, the Kentucky September 11th Memorial began in a dark corner of Hanger 7, John F. Kennedy International Airport. There, lying amongst other remaining artifacts from the World Trade Center, was the steel column that is now the main artifact standing atop the marble column at the Kentucky September 11th Memorial.

The Beginning

The Pickup and Move.  Early on the morning of 5 July, 2011 the husband and wife team of Tom and Debbie Berkel from Mercer Transportation arrived outside Washington D.C. to take possession of the World Trade Center piece.  Workers lifted it onto the truck where it was secured for the journey.  Crossing Kentucky the truck was escorted by Kentucky State Police, Local Law Enforcement, and veterans.  That night the driving team stopped at the Mercer Hqs in Louisville, Kentucky to rest.  

The Pickup and Move