The Kentucky September 11th Memorial Committee

The Kentucky September 11th Memorial Committee is unique in that it is a citizen based working in coordination with local and private business to conceive, plan, resource, and construct the Memorial. 
The Committee was formed and began to meet in May, 2011 over lunch at local restaurants and conference rooms as well as on telephone conference calls.  It developed a vision of a three phased approach to completion of the Memorial.  Before the beginning of construction the Memorial Committee's first major task was organizing the pickup, transportation, and reception of the World Trade Center steel from where it lay outside of Washington D.C. to the Kentucky Veterans Cemetery Central.
The Committee felt it was encumbent upon them to complete the first phase of construction in time for the 10th Anniversary Memorial Service of the attacks.  Upon arrival of the World Trade Center steel just after the July 4th weekend, the Committee had 60 days to organize, design, and develop resources and experts to meet construction deadlines.  They did so with days to spare in September, 2011.  This phase is as seen now with the World Trade Center steel column perched atop the inscribed marble base and memorial stones and pavers set with names of those donating toward completion of the Memorial. 
Phase II.  This phase shifted upon arrival of the Pentagon Stones.  It was then the Committee realized the vision of a Memorial Wall, standing behind the Steel, constructed of those Stones.  It allowed a dramatic contrast and relief from the polished granite pillar.  It also allowed the public to touch the Stones in a more meaningful way. 
Phase III.  With the completion of the Memorial Wall, this phase will include continued landscaping as well as a memorial garden behind the Memorial at which we can reflect upon those who have and continue to serve this country.

Phase IV.  This final phase will be comprised of wing walls added to the Memorial with the names or possibly images of those that have lost their life in service to this Nation as a result of the September 11th attacks and the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other actions in the Global War on Terrorism.

The Committee Members are:
  • Mel Borich
  • Lee Bradford
  • Charles "Chuck" Heater
  • Steve Keith
  • Dale LeMond
  • Walter Oster
  • Blake Profitt
  • Kelly Rigney Barron
  • William "Bill" Rissel
  • Tony Rose
  • Jean Shindlebower
  • John Wesley
  • Sam Young
  • Peter Zanetti