What is Philanthropy?

There are a variety of definitions, but KSIM chose: The love of mankind shown by practical kindness and helpfulness to humanity, or a thing that benefits humanity; a philanthropic agency, enterprise, gift or act.

Why is it important?
The spirit of Philanthropy is more than just money. It's about being knowledgeable about the world around you, recognizing the need for change and/or help and taking action! It's about showing a commitment to your community and the welfare of others by volunteering your time for the greater good.

KSIM Philanthropy Projects:
              KSIM, Helping Our Family & Friends in Japan      

*On Friday, March 12, 2011 at 2:46 PM (Japanese time) a magnitude 8.9 earthquake 231 miles northeast of Tokyo, Japan hit, making it the fifth largest in the world (since 1900) and the largest quake to ever hit Japan. Within an hour after the quake a wall of water up to 30 feet high washed over the Japanese coast. Cars, boats and trains were swept away. Buildings collapsed. Roads and highways severed. At 8:15 PM the Japanese government declared an emergency for a nuclear power plant near Sendai...Japan has 54 nuclear power plants. An additional four were shutdown by 9:35 PM. It is now several months after the fact and more than 10,000 are declared dead and more than half a million Japanese are now homeless.

After just wrapping up KSIM's Spring event called Celebrate Asia, even though members were exhausted we setout to help our family and friends in Japan. We started by just having a prayer and thoughts board in the Kent Student Center. This was the opportunity to show our support during this difficult time. But we found people wanted to help even more. KSIM members started to collect donations. Our first initial goal was $1,000 and we only had a limited time since spring break was only four days away. Members were in the student center every day and just in four days alone we were able to raise more than $1,500!

After being so successful in just a short amount of time, our advisor Eron Memaj was able to help KSIM receive a
grant from the Enrollment Management and Student Affairs division of the university to help us in our philanthropy efforts. We used the money to purchase Japan wristbands. All proceeds from the wristbands were donated to our Japanese relief fund. We continued to raise money the rest of the semester and our grand total was $2,233.24! After researching different organizations, we donated our money to the Red Cross.

*Source: CNN World