Greetings and welcome to my view of Sagada

Sagada is located in the northern part of Luzon Island in the Philippines. Surrounding Sagada are the beautiful Cordillera Mountains. We are just over 5000 feet in elevation where the air is clean, where there are no traffic lights or stop signs, where it's generally quiet and where the people are (for the most part) kind and loving.

I've been living here since November 1, 2003 and so far I find it a great place to live. There are few public services here so I find it necessary to travel to Baguio City once a month in order to withdraw money from the ATM and get groceries that I can't find in Sagada. It's a 6 hour bus ride over poor roads. I understand it's about 150 km so that means the average speed is 25 km per hour. I tend to sleep a lot on the trip.
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