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Kent climbing Fleecer Ridge on the Great Divide

This web page was created by Kent Peterson. If you have questions or comments, please send me email at kentsbike@gmail.com

This page includes write ups of the various brevets I've ridden. I ride with the Seattle International Randonneurs who have a website here.

New on Dec 24th, 2005 -- I've placed the full version of my Great Divide Race story "The Way of the Mountain Turtle" online here:


New on Nov 6th, 2005 -- I now have a blog. So while I'll keep this page up, the odds are that new stuff will show up in my blog which is here:


New on September 21st, 2005 -- Mark Vande Kamp and I went camping up at the ghost town of Monte Cristo. Some pictures are here:


New on September 15th, 2005 -- I got myself another bike. The story and pictures are here:


New on September 9th, 2005 -- Barry got displaced by Hurricane Katrina and I was able to help him out. A few pictures are here:


Here is the ongoing Monocog Log

The Great Divide Mountain Bike Race

The Great Divide Mountain Bike Race started on June 17, 2005. Live updates were posted here:


Pictures from the race can be seen here:


In 2005, I raced the length of the Great Divide on a single speed mountain bike. Some details of the race can be found here:

The 2005 Great Divide Race

The 2005 Great Divide Race Roster (plus some pictures from last year's race).

I was able to race the Great Divide thanks to the generous help from many wonderful people. You can learn more about them by visiting my Sponsor Page

A bunch of the Seattle International Randonneurs organized the "Not A Nutritional Role Model Ride" to help raise funds to help my race efforts. You can see the story and pictures here.

Tour Reports

A Ride to Jack Pass -- A Tour Report

A Ride to Keechelus Ridge -- A Tour Report

A Ride to Boiling Frog Road -- A Tour Report

The Ghost Town of Monte Cristo -- A Tour Report

Riding The Red Lines -- A Tour Report

The June 15-26 Fixed Gear Tour from Issaquah to Minnesota

An October Adventure

1999 Brevets

1999 200K Brevet

1999 300K Brevet

1999 400K Brevet

1999 600K Brevet

The 1999 Paris Brest Paris ride

I didn't ride the 1999 1000K brevet up in Vancouver, but Mark Thomas did and he wrote this wonderful report of the experience.

2000 Brevets

2000 200K Brevet

2000 300K Brevet

2000 Fleche NW

Mark Vande Kamp's 2000 400K Brevet Report

2000 400K Brevet

2000 600K Brevet

2000 Cannonball

2000 S2S

The Rocky Mountain 1200 Ride

2000 Boston-Montreal-Boston

2001 Brevets

2001 200K Brevet

2001 300K Brevet

Mark Vande Kamp's 2001 300K Brevet Report

2001 400K Brevet

Duane Wright's 2001 600K Pre-ride Report

Jon Muellner's 2001 600K Brevet Report

Kent Peterson's 2001 600K Brevet Report

The 2001 London-Edinburgh-London ride

The 2001 Boston-Montreal-Boston ride

The Autumn 2001 SIR Unpopulaire

An October Adventure

2002 Brevets and Articles

Night Riding and LED Headlights

Pictures of my PX-10 Fixed Gear

Pictures of my Eddy Merckx Fixed Gear

Pictures from the February 23, 2002 WET Ride

The March 2, 2002 100K Populaire

Coroplast Fender Construction

The March 23, 2002 200K Brevet

The April 13, 2002 300K Brevet

The April 27-28th, 2002 Fleche Northwest

A Coroplast Handlebar Bag

The May 11th-12th, 2002 400K Brevet

The June 1st-2nd, 2002 600K Brevet

The June 15-26 Fixed Gear Tour from Issaquah to Minnesota

The Rocky Mountain 1200 Ride

My Zebra Bike

September 22, 2002 Recumbent Ride

A Cyclist's Christmas Story

2003 Brevets and Articles

3-Speed Holdsworth Special

The April 5th, 2003 300K Brevet

The September 26-28th, 2003 1000K Brevet

A Coroplast Tailbox

Peri's Bike: Coroplast, the next generation

2004 Photos and Articles

February 15th Seattle Bike Swap

February 22nd Social Ride

March 20th 200K Brevet

April 10th 300K Brevet

Tony Licuanan's April 10th 300K Brevet Report

Riding The Red Lines -- A Tour Report

The Ghost Town of Monte Cristo -- A Tour Report

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