Exciting Facts about Kent Paul Scarborough You Should Know

There are so many interesting facts about Kent Paul Scarborough that is not readily available in the public domain. And here, you are going to learn more about these facts that will let you know more about this professional from Australia. Of course, it is a known fact that Kent Scarborough has served in various senior professional capacities in different organizations. He has worked as a CEO and also as an entrepreneurial owner in some business start-ups in his native home of Australia.

Personal attributes of Kent Paul Scarborough

Kent Paul Scarborough is a self-driven, intelligent professional who gets things done rather than give empty talk without results. He is a results oriented person who easily identifies a need and then matching it with a solution for the decision maker. While he works hard to achieve the impressive results, he also works smart to get results the smart way.

His entrepreneurial spirit has enabled him to establish a number of small to medium-sized businesses that have flourished in his native home of Australia. He is also credited for his strategic thinking and problem solving skills. He is a passionate professional who starts a project and works to see it succeed amidst the challenges. He is a dynamic and energetic person with an outstanding conceptual thinking capacity something that enables him to succeed in most ventures he undertakes.

The professional experiences of Kent Paul Scarborough

The Wounded Heroes Charity Organization in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

(Volunteer and Board Member) – 2014-2015

He was invited to the charity organization and was elected as a board member. He served on the charity organization on a volunteer basis. The main job of the charity organization was to offer help and assistance to wounded members of the armed forces. The assistance and help that he offered was mainly focused towards wounded soldiers who were suffering from PSTD and other physical disabilities inflicted on them through the various wars in which they participated.

Kent Paul Scarborough assisted with the following:

Offering assistance and referrals to the chaplains for the human to human communication and advice.

Providing non-repayable loans and donations to the suffering soldier’s spouses and children so they could continue with their life well.

Refurbishing and restoring of the soldier’s dwellings to help make life just pleasant for a returning wounded soldier.

AAA Trade Power, Sydney, New South Wales

(Solar Manager 2010-2011)

During his stint at AAA Trade Power, a company dealing with sale and installation of solar power systems, he managed a team that sold and installed domestic solar systems to homes within the Sydney metropolitan area. The company also manufactured and imported high-quality solar panels and inverters that they then sold to their customers and other businesses.

AAA Trade Power - Insulation, Sydney New South Wales

(Insulation Owner Manager 2009-2011)

He operated and managed a team of up to 150 people. Their core task was to market and install ceiling insulation in the Sydney metropolitan area. The team would also cover a huge area with a radius of 400 kilometers encompassing Sydney and other outlying NSW coastal cities and rural towns.

The company also manufactured and imported around $1,000, 000 worth of high quality insulation materials, independently tested and that exceeded the Australian standards. This enabled the company to be approved by the Australian government for it to provide ceiling installation services and insulation to its customers.

The other professional positions he has held:

AAA Trade Power – Sydney, New South Wales

(Owner Manager 2000-2010)

Home services business and booking agency for carpet cleaning, window cleaning, general cleaning, high pressure cleaning, ironing, pest control, etc.

He personally managed a fleet of up to 10 vehicles and also coordinated the logistics of up to 40 domestic jobs daily.

AAA Trade Power – After Hours Flood and Restoration with Major Insurance Company in Australia

(Main Contractor 2005-2006)

In this role, he was responsible for creating a national network of over 100 flood restoration professionals to respond to consumer insurance claims relating to flood and damage due to violent storms and other events.

Worldwide home Loans, Sydney Australia

(CEO & Director 1992-2008)

In this role, he created and managed a network of over 50 independent home loan and mortgage brokers. He also accepted home loan applications from the network and either approved or declined applications. He also organized mortgage insurance for each successful loan. He created and managed a mortgage book with mortgages worth around $100 million.

GOURMENT WINE VAC INC – Los Angeles, California, USA

(VICE PRESIDENT 1990 to 1991)

This is a position he served in during his early career years. In this role, he negotiated with Australian inventors to bring their inventions to America to be marketed and sold. He was the brainchild behind the creation of (Wine Vac) from the lab to prototype to the marketable and packaged product. He was also responsible for the writing and production on multiple television commercials that aired on cable TV with an audience of 60 million subscribers.

He is also credited for successfully negotiating sales contracts for the product with executives across America including Los Angeles and New York.