National Achievers Congress 2015 - The World's #1 Success Event

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Lizzie Velasquez, America Motivational Speaker & Author 
                                      (They called her "The Ugliest Woman in the World")


Lizzie Velasquez was born with a rare condition which doesn’t allow her body to accumulate fat. When her interview aired, she became the target of cyberbullies who labelled her the “Ugliest Woman in The World” at 17 years old.

From the “World’s Ugliest Woman”, to World-wide inspiration.

Today, she is a best selling author and of the documentary based on her life, "A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story" which chronicles her life from bullying victim to motivational speaker to activist. Lizzie travels the world inspiring and educating the world about the meaning of true beauty.

Her story will move you, her bravery will inspire you, and you will never define yourself the same way again


Learn the most effective ways to make your money work harder for you (instead of working hard for your money).

Develop skills in business and leadership that will be practical for you. Learn sales and marketing tools, how to motivate and develop your staff, and generate more profit with cutting-edge strategies.

Find the asset classes that will work best for you - property, stocks, commodities, Forex, and how to leverage them for maximum profit and minimum risk.

Discover ways to find fulfilment in your life by dreaming big, contributing to a cause greater than yourself, and living a life according to your design.


Lizzie Velasquez, America Motivational Speaker & Author 
                             (They called her "The Ugliest Woman in the World")

Koji Ikematsu
International businessman, philanthropist, motivational leader, and professional extreme sports athlete

"Lead Your Life Moment by Moment"

Koji has been a serial entrepreneur all his life. He started as a teeenager opening a Karate dojo in the US. It was also his first experience with failure. Not one to be defeated, he moved to Hong Kong and shot to meteoric success in the apparel industry. But betrayed by his business partner, he ended up with millions in personal debt. Picking himself up, he built yet another business worth over 20 million and repaid all his debts. He was dubbed ”The king of Silk”, and "Miracle comeback Young Entrepreneur".

When this business ultimately failed, he began to reflect on the fundamental laws governing success and failure. His theories and experiences became the stepping stone for his next multimillion dollar business which brought him huge financial success and ultimate fulfillment. As speaker and coach, Koji has shared the stage with world-class leaders such as Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Jay Abraham, Tom Peters, Jim Collins, Jim Rogers, and Nick Vujicic.

Peng Joon
World’s Leading Authority in Making Money Online

"Turn Your Laptop into a Money Machine"

Peng Joon is recognized as the authority on how to make big money selling digital products online. In less than 7 years, he has generated well over $10 million in revenue through his 527 (and counting) websites.

It wasn't always like this. In 2005, Peng Joon was a RM153,000 in debt. Left with a computer, internet connection and RM731 in his bank account, he started his first website and has never looked back.

Over the years, Peng Joon has refined his 3 step system that has helped thousands monetize their passion, earn automated income online, quit their full time jobs and live the dot com lifestyle. His system has been widely regarded as the easiest and fastest way to start generating a 5 figure monthly income online.

Pip Stehlik
International speaker, top trainer, and property investor

"Brick Buy Brick"

Pip Stehlik was working in his family grocery store when he decided to take control of his financial future and learn how to invest in property. Within 16 months of his training at Legacy Alliance Education in 2001, he successfully invested in 41 properties and never looked back!

In 2007, Pip became one of the top property trainers in the US and Canada. Over the past year, Pip has been teaching internationally, helping hundreds of people by educating them on how to achieve their goals through property.

A property investor, business owner, International speaker, top trainer and family man, Pip Stehlik is living the life he designed for himself and is here to show you how YOU can do the same.

JT Foxx
World's #1 Wealth Coach

"How to build an 8 figure business in 8 months locally, nationally and globally"

JT Foxx is widely considered one of the top speakers, coaches and now consultants in the world, with business interests and companies in the United States, Canada, Africa, UK, Europe and Australia and New Zealand.

JT is also a media personality having had a radio show for 7 years and now can be regularly seen and interviewed on CNBC, Forbes, BBC and many other TV and radio shows all around the world and is a contributing author for Forbes Africa and Prestige Magazine.

His drive and passion is to use his expertise in investing and business to help others succeed and make this planet a better place for entrepreneurs.

Gerry Robert
International Bestselling Author. Consultant & Speaker To Over 3 Million People Worlwide

"Write A Book And Grow Rich"

Gerry Robert went from living a life of poverty to earning multiple millions per year and more than $100,000,000 in the past 20 years. He is a recongnized expert in the field of marketing, sales, branding and book publishing. He is the founder and publisher of Black Card Books, one of the fastest growing book publishers in the world, based upon title acquisitions.

He is a bestselling author, columnist, speaker and consultant and operates globally. Gerry has spoken to more than three million people from around the world. He has written several bestselling books including The Millionaire Mindset: How Ordinary People Can Create Extraordinary Income.

Gerry will show you his unconventional and innovative ideas that will help you differentiate yourself in the crowded, noisy, marketing marketplace for whatever industry you’re in.

Chui Ling
Communication Expert

Chui Ling is an outstanding TV and radio personality, highly sought after host and best-selling author, who believes that everyone can become masters of communication skills. Coaching with a perfect blend of wit and humor, Chui Ling has helped people across industries to improve their speaking skills and to deliver powerful speeches that will get them ahead in any business and social situations.

Joel Comm
Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, Consultant

"How to Get Google to Send You Money"

Joel is the New York Times best-selling author of 12 books, including The AdSense Code. He has also appeared in The New York Times, on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, on CNN online, on Fox News, and many other places..

Joel has been building online businesses since 1995. His first website was amongst the first 18000 sites in the world, and his efforts have brought experience in creating and selling websites, licensing content, affiliate marketing, Internet marketing, blogging, podcasting, online video creation, social media marketing, joint ventures, mobile app creation and marketing, authoring books, public speaking, conducting live training events and more. He has also consulted with, trained or developed strategic partnerships with Microsoft, IBM and Twitter, among many others.

As someone who went from having only 87 cents in his bank account to creating mutiple successful businesses, Joel will educate, inspire and engage you regardless of your experience or level of success.

Sean Seah
Master of Value Investing

"Win Consistently in a Volatile Stock Market"

Sean Seah have been featured in the Straits Times, News Radio 93.8, and business investment magazines. He is the best selling author of "Winning the Money Game" and "Gone Fishing with Buffett.” His investment strategy? Value Investing. 

He have trained hundreds of individuals in Value Investing - Warren Buffett's strategy of choice, breaking down the concept into simple, practical steps that can be easily applied by anyone.

Sean will show you that the stock market isn't the uncertain, risky place everyone thinks it is but a huge opportunity for anyone seeking to improve their financial situation and build their wealth through this proven and time-tested strategy.

Kathlyn Toh
Director, Chief Trainer & Coach Company: Beyond Insights Sdn Bhd.

“Global Investing Made Easy”

Kathlyn Toh is a professional investor and trader who earns her wealth trading the Global Stocks and Indices, Options, CFD and Commodity Futures. While we have been hearing news about uncertain and volatile economy conditions, Kathlyn has been able to record 300% return with her skills and experience. 

Kathlyn is also the Director and Chief Trainer & Coach for Beyond Insights, dedicated to empower people in creating a consistent income stream from the financial market. Kathlyn and her company is well recognized in the investment and trading arena and you might have seen or heard her recently in Invest Fair Malaysia, Astro, BFM, Money Compass Magazine, and Smart Investor Magazine. Beyond Insights was awarded the Top Financial Training Company in Malaysia in 2013, and Kathlyn herself was also nominated as one of the Great Women of our Times in the Finance & Commerce Category by Women’s Weekly Magazine. Last year, Beyond Insights also won the Most Preferred Financial Educator award in Invest Fair Malaysia by a big margin, which speaks well of the quality of its education.

Nishant Kasibhatla
Grand Master of Memory & Gusiness Record Holder (2011)

Nishant has two decades of experience coaching multi-national companies, schools, students and individuals of all walks of life in 19 countries across 5 continents. Nishant has empowered hundreds of thousands of people, helping them challenge their limiting beliefs and achieve greater heights of effectiveness. Some of his clients include Petronas, Maybank, Oracle, Singapore Police Force, Shell, Coca Cola,, Philips, Nestle, American Express, and LG Electronics. Millions of television viewers have experienced Nishant Kasibhatla on the Discovery Channel, South China Morning Post, Channel News Asia, VTV, Zee TV and Vasantham TV networks. 

Nishant was not born with a great memory. He struggled with remembering even simple things. But with training and practice, he went on to break a Guinness World Record in memory. He believes that everyone can boost their brain power phenomenally by using the right techniques and practice. 

Just a few of Nishant's memory feats: 
- Memorised a 1944 digit number 
- Memorised the sequence of 7 decks of playing cards 
- Memorised a 1200 digit binary number 

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