About Me

My name is Kent Kurashima and I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering, with a minor in Energy Studies, at San Diego State University (SDSU). I have been a fellow in Maximizing Access to Research Careers (MARC) since May 2013. 

I am interested in renewable energy research and I have strived to gain experience and knowledge in various energy fields through my engineering studies, research and Energy Studies minor. I have worked as a research assistant in the SDSU Combustion and Solar Energy Laboratory since Spring 2012.
I have been working on the completion and testing of a solar simulator and lab-scale small particle heat exchange receiver (SPHER).  The SPHER is a high temperature solar receiver that utilizes carbon particles to absorb solar radiation.  At full scale, the SPHER will be designed to produce a high temperature gas that will power a gas turbine in a Brayton cycle. During the Summer, 2013 I worked in the University of Hawaii Renewable Energy Design Laboratory.  While there I assisted on a research project to create a state-of-charge estimation method for aged Li-ion batteries based on a model adaptive extended Kalman filter.

I am interested in control systems, with regard to renewable energy and I plan to pursue a doctoral degree regarding this topic. I would like to contribute to the scientific community and apply what I have learned to the real world, in order to make an impact that will benefit people as well as the environment.