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MSDS's are required by law for all materials on all Kent ISD campuses. This section of the site is here to provide instant access to information on each of these substances. Click here to access and search all of our Kent ISD MSDS's now.

You can help us keep this list current by making sure you get us a Safety Data Sheet for every new material you bring on campus. Please do not bring insecticides or herbicides onto Kent ISD property without express written permission from the facilities director. We highly suggest that you take time right now to view the do's and don'ts on the Pest Control page.

To further understand details of the requirements in the Kent ISD Policy, click here. Further assistance is available to you when you call Betsy @ 365-2290 or click here to drop her a line. We are more than happy to help you understand the requirements.

Please feel free to explore the links at the sides for further information on the Hazcom and Right-to-Know in the work place and in schools.