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2009-01-28 - Beau - As you learn how to do things, please share them here, so we can all learn.
2009-01-28 - Beau - A "dashpot" is an array of "gadgets", each of which may be something like a Google calendar, a slideshow, or a spreadsheet.
2009-02-02 - Beau - Don't re-name pages, the link name will not change. Create a new page with the correct name, copy any contents into it, then delete the old page.
2009-02-05 - Beau - Basic page editing (note this link was inserted by just copying the link below and pasting it in).
2009-02-05 - Beau - Locating or moving a page
2009-02-05 - Beau - Menu Bar items
2009-02-08 - Beau - for an example of a customised list, see : Home/Recent Updates  - [add item] is quicker than [Edit page].
2009-07-14 - Beau - Can't see an [Edit page] button ? Have a look at  How to LOG IN if you can't see an [Edit page] button