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Join the music folk of Kent - help build a home for live music.
The www.KentFolk.com web page has been running since 2000 with the aim of keeping you uptodate on the news and live music gigs in the county of Kent, England.
But it has been a lonely endeavour, with each item having to be transcribed onto the webpage by just one person.
However now the latest Google technology makes sharing the information so much easier. 
Here we have the construction of a shared webpage - if you would like to have a 'page' to tell people about some facet of the music life in Kent, please email Beau@KentFolk.com .
So far these pages are under initial construction -
I have built an outline suggested structure, please now flesh it all out :
    Go to the page you want to edit, select [Edit Page], type or paste in text, add photos, add sub pages if you want - see Help, Tips & Tricks  for more ideas  ....
        If there are associated events, make sure there is a link :
        Events - this should point to a page under the Events top-level heading
                     - and if this has a sub-page in the Kent Folk Native Calendar format (see existing examples or ask me),
                        the events will eventually automatically be added to the main KentFolk monthly calendars 
If you are subscribed as an editor, but can't see an [Edit page] button, see :
Please insert comments here, if you add content, so people can look at what has been done :