My friend Denis Eulogy

Augest 21, 1952 - August 28, 2008


I (ken Thomas)was really sadden to here about Den's passing, We have been friends since we met at camp in the early 70's, We live together at McQueen, Square dance together for many years, partied together many time. and when I talked to him a week ago on the phone we made a plan to go see a movie. I am really going to miss my Pal! But I know he is in a better place with out any more pain

The following Eulogy was read by Den's cousin Dan Tailleur.

  1. Denis ----- Des Jardins was born @ ------- in Edmonton Aug 21 /1952
  2. He was the first Grandchild born into the AJ Brassard Clan
  3. As an infant and toddler he travelled around to various locations in Alberta and Sask while his dad worked in the oilfield.  It became evident that he was not going  to walk. 
  4. They then came back to live in Edmonton.
  5. His sister Deanne was born in !955. A few years later in 1960 Charles came along.
  6. Home schooling began with Mrs. Obrien, he excelled in Math and art.
  7. For summer holidays he spent time with his family at the cabin on Lac La Nonne and getaways to Jasper. He loved the mountains. His teen years brought a bit of fun and freedom when he spent time with friends at Camp He Ho HA .
  8. As a teen his love of music became evident and a huge collection of LPs began to grow. Over the years his collection changed from LP - * tracks, cassettes and then CD. His stereo was upgrading as soon as he could afford the latest.
  9.  Den enjoyed several outings with cousins once they were old enough to throw in the front seat there cars and cruise off to A&W, Drive-in theatres, and cabarets.  At one point Charles and he purchased a van to have some adventures on there own one of which was a road trip to a concert in Seattle Wash.
  10. As an young adult he moved to Riverbend by this time he was far more mobile and independent as he mastered the use of a power chair. (the faster the better) He was one of the first clients of DATS in Edmonton.
  11. He talent for drawing led him into a career in commercial art. His cartoons appeared in the “The handicapped forum” newsletter as well as on various CB cards and eventually into a book entitled “Breaking Barriers with cartoons”
  12. At the age of 31 he launched…… initially into the Grandview nursing home and then on to live in McQueen Group home. During this time he became involved in the adult world of people with physical disabilities taking on many leadership roles including advocacy and fundraising. He also mentored the newly disabled.  It became evident that Den had incredible abilities in networking and community building while developing life long friendships in the process.  Too may to mention, some of the most closest friends are include Diane, Helen, and Ken., Trish, and Leah.
  13. Through these friendships he became part of a square dancing group that traveled to Winnipeg, Ottawa, and Hawaii. He even ventured off on a house boat trip. When William Watson Lodge was built in Kananaskis he spent time there with may family and friends enjoying the outdoors, nature and the mountains and the odd beer.
  14. The bulk of his adult life was spent at Abbey Road where he lived in own apartment. Initially he moved in with his good friend Trish and later lived on his own with the help of support staff.  Den sat on the executive board for Abbey Road and was involved in many roles including the hiring and training new support staff.
  15. Abbey road is located on White Avenue, this became Den world of coffee houses, restaurants, shops, farmer’s markets, fringe festivals etc… Most often Den ventured out on his own but never seemed without someone to help him. He became part of the fabric of Old Strathcona
  16.  Feb 2005 Dens health took a turn for the worse and he spent 4 months at the U of A hospital coming close to death many times. At that neither he nor his family expected him to recover.
  17. He went on the live another 3.5 years at Allen Gray continuing care
  18. Over time Den was able to take advantage of computer technology to make up what he lost in physical abilities.  Initially he started with computer graphic to enable him to continue with his passion for art.  As he lost the ability to use his hands he shifted to the use of voice activated commands which allowed him to continue using his computer to connect with friends and family by email and telephone. He also worked doing internet research for ERMC. Played chess with people all over the world.