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Ken's documentary film


This new Canadian documentary profiles wheelchair athlete Ken Thomas, and his determination
to participate in the World Mast
ers Games. It is also about his life-long fight for inclusion and
independence as a person with a physical disability.

Catching My Breath
profiles the life and race
s of Ken Thomas. It shares Ken’s experience of
training and competing internationa
lly as a team member of the
Alberta and Canadian Cerebral
Palsy Sports Associations. In the 1980s and 90s
, he attended the Paralympics and World Track
and Field Championships for the Disabled, re
tiring from international competition in 1994.
But when he learns the World Masters Games are coming to his hometown of Edmonton,
Alberta, he is determined to make a comeback.
Catching My Breath
provides context for Ken’s life as
a wheelchair athlete by revisiting his
past. Filmmaker Lorna Thomas uses photographs
, archival film foot
age, and narrative
commentary to paint an intimate portrait of her brother.
We see Ken lobbying for affordable housing at th
e Legislature, inspecti
ng accessible buildings,
wheelchair square-dancing, and celeb
rating life with his close-knit s
upport system of family and
friends. Lorna and Ken also take a road trip to
southern Alberta to in
terview childhood friends
and teachers, including 100-year-old physioth
erapist Clara Smith. The journey reveals how
societal attitudes, institutiona
l policies, and the strong support
of determined parents have
impacted Ken’s life over the past 50 years.
Catching My Breath
is not just a retrospective. What
drives this film forward is Ken’s
fight to compete one last time in an interna
tional track competition.
Will he succeed? Available
in DVD, Closed Captioned, or in
Descriptive Video. 2008, 48 minutes.
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