Weapons Training

ken holloway Chinese broadsword kung fu weapon
Kung Fu San Soo is first understood as an empty hand art.  Weapons are added as an extension of the hand. Empty hand fighting methods can be adapted to any weapon once one understands how the weapon was designed to be used and application to the physiology and anatomy of yourself and the opponent.

Weapons training involves learning to defend against both modern and traditional weapons.  The defense techniques taught include unarmed and weapon vs. weapon.  Self Defense and Kung Fu students will learn how to use readily available items in modern society such as  car keys, a plastic bag, an umbrella and we welcome students to bring their own ideas.

Traditional kung fu weapons included farm implements and weapons designed for warfare. Kung Fu San Soo students are taught how to use traditional weapons in exercises, form and battlefield application.

Traditional kung fu weapons would include: 
  • the staff
  • butterfly swords
  • hook swords
  • the broadsword
  • the straight swrod
  • the whip chain (nine tail dragon)
  • Kwan Dao
  • Spear
  • Monk Spade
  • Halbeard
  • Baton
  • and many more!