Martial Arts Instruction

Martial Arts Instruction

Kung Fu San Soo

Ages: 15 and up

{no contracts}

Are you looking to learn something that you can be confident will work for you, regardless of the situation, number of attackers, size of the enemy or aggression level?  Look no further.  This is what we focus on and this is what the old battlefield art is all about.  Real defense for real lives.

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Private Instruction

Private instruction offers personalized attention and an opportunity to go deeper with lessons and gain more insight on application.

I teach the art of Tsoi Li Ho Fut Hung (pronounced choy•lee•hoe•foot•hung) the same way I learned it.  This art is commonly referred to as San Soo which describes our fighting and it's easier to say.

Private lessons does not mean that you will not be working with a partner.  Partner workouts are an integral part of learning Kung Fu San Soo.

In the old days of Chinese kung fu, there was no monthly fee.  Students commonly brought an initial offering of value but acceptance was based on the discretion of the Sifu (head instructor).

We are blessed to be able to return to the original criteria of student acceptance.  This means it is accessible to anyone regardless of economic status.  While there are no monthly dues there is a very limited number of students that will be accepted.  The process begins by setting up an interview.

Acceptance is not based on merit, physical condition or experience.  It is entirely at the discretion of the sifu.