Lawyer. Teacher. Veteran. Conservative.

Thank you to those who made my first official campaign fundraiser such a success. Especially, host Mark and Becky Lanier.
The Ken Shortreed’s Campaign has been endorsed by Constable Ron Hickman, Larry Bush, Mark and Becky Lanier, Clint Moore, Wes Tribble, Jared Woodfill, Michael Kubosh, Bob and Jackie Cox, Scott Link and Terry Lowry.

It's a long ballot but at the bottom there's a Shortreed

Get to know Ken

Ken is experienced, fair and knowledgeable with the rules of evidence.  He has represented clients in nearly 100 trials and over 115 mediations.  His other accomplishments include:

  • Almost two decades in private practice
  • Believes the law should be applied with consistency and fairness
  • Teaches Texas Business Law at Lone Start College
  • Extensive courtroom experience
  • Experienced mediator
  • Army National Guard and Air Force Veteran honorably discharged after 8 years
  • Advocates a strict interpretation and application of the U.S. Constitution and Texas state laws.
  • Opposed to legislating from the bench
  • Married to wife Linda, three children, five grandchildren
  • Member, Champions Forest Baptist Church

It’s a long ballot – at the bottom is a “Shortreed!”