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Lastest News : 

04/15/2010, iCoolPlayer v2.0 started, fully rewrite

Lastest Update

+ Add introduction to play/convert midi

iCoolPlayer v1.0.1.0 (now update to  

Note for midi player

If you want have audio effect to midi or want to convert midi to wav,mp3,..ect then you need to have soundfonts installed.A soundfonts is available here http://us2.un4seen.com/files/ChoriumRevA.rar. Download that file, extract to iCoolPlayer install folder and rename "ChoriumRevA.SF2" to "midi.sf"



iCoolPlayer is freeware media player. iCoolPlayer is powerful when working with Sound. 


Provide 29 DSP Effect, Unlimited Equalizer Band, Inteligent SKIN (many button, many components as SKIN WANT, put button, object anywhere as SKIN WANT). Provide many tools to work with sound. Use Winamp/Sonic visualization, Winamp DSP, Winamp Input Plugin if you want....

Preview :   





iCoolPlayer full features list:
+ Can play

  • Audio: mp3/ogg/wav/aiff/wma/aac/ac3/alac/ape/mac/mpc/ofr/spx/tta/wv/cda/midi/flac
  • Video: avi/wmv/mpg/FLV (FLV4 Only)....

    (from computer, LAN, Internet). User can choose to write the streaming file to disk.

+ Output to mono/stereo/2.1/4.1/5.1/7.1, upmix/downmix from 16000Hz -> 96000Hz, 8bit-> 32bit float (doesn't change the player speed)

+ 30 DSP Effect :

  • DirectX Effect: Chorus, Compressor, Distortion, Echo, Flanger, Gargle, I3DL2 Reverb, Param EQ, Waves Reverb.

  • Build In Effect : Amplify, BandPass, Channel Order ,Compressor, DownMix, Dynamic Amplify, Echo/Delay,Flanger, HighPass, LowPass,Notch, ParametricEQ,Phase Invert, Phaser, Pitch Scale, Pitch Shift, Sound 3D, Tempo,Treble Enhancer, True Bass.

  • Winamp DSP : Enhancer (use with permission of author)

+ Karaok, Lyric viewer with mp3/wma/midi. (100% unicode support)

+ 2 Skin Default, WMP11

+ Winamp DSP support

+ 11 Band Equalizer by default. (can change to UNLIMITED BAND ^^)

+ BallonHint when track change

+ Fade In/Out support

+ Timer for Shutdown/Restart/Hibernate/Play/Pause/Stop

+ Easy to remove vocal in karaok songs (have left, right channels)

+ Build IN - Filter to change Video Brightness (for work on computer that doesn't have video card)

+ Drag/Drop support (press CTRL for ADD, otherwise is OPEN)

+ Repeat A-B (use to repeat a part of songs)

+ Support PLS, M3U, KPL playlist

+ Change Yahoo Messenger status to current playing songs

+ Edit WMA, MP3 Unicode Tag/Lyric/Karaok/Picture (100% Unicode)

+ Use less memory

+ Language : English + VietNamese

iCoolPlayer Tools (Add-On) :

+ ConvertAudio : Convert mp3/ogg/wav/aiff/wma/aac/ac3/alac/ape/mac/mpc/ofr/spx/tta/wv/cda/midi/flac to mp3*/ogg/flac/wma/aac/mp4/ac3/ape/mpc/spx/wav/wv.

Apply directly 28 DSP Effect/Equalizer/Mixing to the output. Make sound better.

+ RipCD : Read CD-TEXT. RipCD to mp3*/ogg/flac/wma/aac/mp4/ac3/ape/mpc/spx/wav/wv. Apply directly 28 DSP Effect/Equalizer/Mixing to the output. Make sound better.

+BurnAudioCD : can be use to burn Audio CD from mp3,wma, wav

+ Record Sound : use to record sound (can apply mixing, dsp when record). Output directly to soundcard or file

+ Radio : use as media library. Have english, vietnamese radio & vietnamese TV Build in

+ Lyric Maker : use to create karaok lyric for mp3/wma (full support unicode)

+ Audio Cutter : can be use to cut the audio file. (Have fade-in/fade-out effect to the output)

* : iCoolPlayer requires "lame_enc.dll" for make mp3 file (need by ConvertAudio/RecordSound/RipCD/AudioCutter)

lame_enc.dll is freeware and can be download at : 




Download and then rename it to lame_enc.dll (if it name different) and copy to iCoolPlayer installed folder (it should be "C:\Program Files\iCoolPlayer"

System requirements :

+ Windows 2000 or Later (ANY Windows system support UNICODE)

+ 32 MB RAM ( 256 Recommended)

+ 600 Mhz CPU ( 1Ghz or higher recommended)

+ Sound Card

+ DirectX 9 (or highger) requires for VMR9 support

+ DirectX 8 (or highger) requires for DirectX Effect

+ Note for 2000, XP system : if you want iCoolPlayer use EVR renderer then install lastest .Net package (it include EVR)

Download FULL Version :

ENG :  http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HYLN32MG

          or  http://www.box.net/shared/1pa2vjr7ho

Update to : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=29CT08TG

                         or http://www.box.net/shared/do4auozq05

 or download it from some site below:

Get it from CNET Download.com!



VN : http://www.box.net/shared/tlgok4joaz (there no big different between vietnamese version & english version, just the laguage default!)

Skin Maker SDK:  http://www.box.net/shared/v89756eu2s

Any problem, suggestion : please mail to kenshin1101@gmail.com

Plant for next version :

+ VST Plugin support

+ Fix bug

+ New Skin + SDK Tools

+ Use own plugin for input/dsp

+ Apply mixing to Video/DVD

+ DVD Support

+ Build-In codec/download codec automatically

+ Add some tools for create/mix audio - video

+ Burn Music/Video to Audio CD/VCD/S-VCD/DVD/HD-DVD/Blueray DVD 

At this moment i was too busy, so please a later time until i got more time to do this work. Thank you for interested in iCoolPlayer Project.