Thank you for visiting the Freeman family Webbie! 
There is so much going on that I decided to make a website just for my family, it will be so nice to share what our family has been doing over the years.

First off, I'd like to first tell you a small little tidbit about myself; I am a blood bought, bible believin', redeemed child of God! Whew, now that the important thing is out, lets move on shall we? I am married 32yrs to a wonderful man. In 1985, we were blessed with our first daughter. Then again in 1987, our second daughter was born. Two more children have been given to us in the form of one granddaughter(2008) and one grandson(2010) from our first daughter. We r blessed and really enjoy our grandchildren.
Our oldest daughter, no longer is part of our family. She has chosen to tear our family apart with an awful accusation that has caused a lot of hurt. U can read about it on my blog.
Our youngest daughter, Kathryn, has given us 3 more grandchildren over the past 3 yrs. 2 grandsons(2014, 2015) and a one granddaughter(2016). The family is growing in the Lord and have established themselves in a good church. Both r growing in the Lord.

This site is continually under construction as life doesn't stand still, believe me...

Thank you, may God bless you and keep you in his merciful grace. Amen.

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