Supportive learning environments

Supportive Learning Environments is a CQUniversityAustralia course in the Graduate Diploma of Learning & Teaching (GDLT) and has two modules for the Term:

Managing diversity - Module 1

Behaviour management - Module 2

Some research papers & videos relevant to teaching and learning:


In learning and teaching, WHAT REALLY WORKS?

Dimensions of learning (DOL) instructional framework:

"Dimensions of Learning is a comprehensive model that uses what researchers and theorists know about learning to define the learning process." ( "By translating the results of more than 30 years of research on effective instruction into practical guides for educators, McREL is helping to advance the science of instruction. McREL has become a nationally recognized leader in the field of instruction, creating such popular teacher manuals as Teaching Reading in the Content Areas and Classroom Instruction that Works." Source:


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