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Garden Plots

Plot APlot J

Lisa Kerns (4)

Jenna Boeding (4) 
Plot BPlot K

Jennifer Schroeder (4)

Kelly & Miguel Zuniga (4)
reserved 2020
Executive Director

Plot CPlot L
Maisie Roberts (2)
Jennifer Parenti (2)
Scott & Robyn Ramsey (4)
reserved 2019
Facilities Director

Plot DPlot M

Britt Terry (4)

Mark LePrie (4)

Plot EPlot N

Ken & Terry Martin (2)
Andrea Kawulok (2)

Candace & Tim Larsen (4)

Plot FPlot O
Chad & Jamie Alexander (4)
reserved 2019
Programs Director

William Jordan (4)

Plot GPlot P
Sally Grenier (4)
Communications Director

Cristina Gallegos (2)
Scott Burgess (1)
Robert Kolenda (1) 

Plot HPlot Q
Becky Lecy (4)
reserved 2019
Finance Director
Johnnie & Sharlene Hodge (4)
reserved 2019
Membership Director

Plot I
Raised Beds
Kim Kosick and Judy Harper (2)
Patty Hagan (1)
MikeTriem (1)

standing level - available (3)
wheelchair level - available (3)

2020 Membership (all ground-level plots for 2020 are filled; Six 4'x8' raised plots are available for $30 lease, $20 refundable deposit. Priority registration for seniors or people with mobility limitations until April 1st - then open as single season starter plots)

Each Garden Plot (lettered) in the diagram has four quarter plots within it that may be rented individually (small), as groups of two (medium), or as groups of four (full plot). The list above shows the plots in alphabetical order and the registered gardeners currently assigned to the lettered plot with the number of quarter plots they have rented for the season in parentheses. If a lettered plot has fewer than four quarter plots rented, the number of available quarter plots should be noted as "available" and highlighted in yellow.  Green highlighted names indicates that the plot fees are paid in full.

New and Returning Gardeners

1. Pick your Plot
Refer to the diagram above for plot availability. Please note that there may be a lag between the time that the plot is registered and when the diagram is updated. (We make better gardeners than secretaries!)

2. Make your Request
Contact the membership director (via email) to renew a plot from last year, to expand the plot from last year, to register as a new gardener, or to end membership. Please include your full name, phone number, address, and detailed request in the email. The date stamp on the email will ensure your place on the wait list.
Membership Director: Johnnie Hodge
3. Reserve your Plot
See the chart below for garden sizes and rental price details. Once you have selected the size, click on the link below and send the appropriate amount via Google Wallet to If you do not already have a Google (Gmail) account, you will be prompted to create one. Please include your full name and phone number in the memo field.

Plot Size

Rental Fee

Refundable Deposit

Total Charge

  Accessible (~32 sf)    
    Standing (x3)
    Wheelchair (x3)

  $20 $50

Small (~80-100 sf)

$60 (before 12/31)

$65 (after 12/31)



(+5 after 12/31)

Medium (~160-200sf)

$120 (before 12/31)

$130 (after 12/31)



(+10 after 12/31)

Large (400 sf)

$240 (before 12/31)

$260 (after 12/31)



(+20 after 12/31)

4. Complete your Membership
Download and print the Kenosha Farm Community Garden Regulations pdf at the bottom of this page. Please read the regulations thoroughly, as they explain the benefits and obligations of garden membership. Sign and return the signature page to our membership director (Johnnie Hodge) via email (scan and send) or in person (big red house across Lombardi from the garden). 

Kenosha Farm Community Gardens,
Feb 23, 2020, 2:48 PM