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Garden Plots

Plot A Plot J


Plot B Plot K



Plot C Plot L


Plot D Plot M


Plot E Plot N



Plot F Plot O



Plot G Plot P


Plot H Plot Q



Plot I
Raised Beds

Standing (West) - Full
Standing (Middle) - Full
Standing (East) - Full

Sitting (West) - Full
Sitting (Middle) - Full
Sitting (East) - Full

2021 Membership

Each Garden Plot in the diagram has four quarter plots within it that may be rented individually (small), as groups of two (medium), or as groups of four (full plot). Each plot listed above shows whether it is full or has openings. Please email the membership director at for the most current availability. 

New and Returning Gardeners

1. Pick your Plot
Plots are assigned on a first come, first served basis, based upon availability. Members in good standing are giving first opportunity to retain their current plot assignment, upgrade their plot assignment or transfer of plot assignment. All membership renewals for the upcoming season must be completed by December 31st. After that, plots will be opened up to our current wait list.

2. Make your Request
Please email the membership director with your intention to renew a plot, to expand a plot, to register as a new gardener or to end membership in the garden. Please include your full name, phone number, address, and detailed request in the email. The date stamp on the email will ensure your place on the wait list.
Membership Director: Eileen Holtry
3. Reserve your Plot
See the chart below for garden sizes and rental price details. Once you have selected the size, click on the link below and send the appropriate amount via Google Pay to If you do not already have a Google (Gmail) account, you will be prompted to create one. Please include your full name and phone number in the memo field. (To pay by check, please contact the membership director.)

Plot Size

Rental Fee

Refundable Deposit

Total Charge

  Raised Beds (~32 sf)    
    Standing (x3)
    Sitting/Wheelchair (x3)

  $20  $50

Small (~80-100 sf)




Medium (~160-200sf)




Large (400 sf)



$320 (or from the Google Pay app)

4. Complete your Membership
Download and print the Kenosha Farm Community Garden Regulations pdf at the bottom of this page. Please read the regulations thoroughly, as they explain the benefits and obligations of garden membership. Sign and return the signature page to our membership director via email (scan or pic with phone) or in person to the Executive Chair, Johnnie Hodge (big red house across Lombardi from the garden). 

Kenosha Farm Community Gardens,
Feb 23, 2020, 2:48 PM