Battle of the Books is an extracurricular reading activity for fourth and fifth grade students who enjoy reading challenges and competition.  Its purpose is to foster the enjoyment of reading high quality books and to come together in friendly competition answering questions about the books with other students while practicing good ”readermanship”.

 1. One team per school.  Each team will consist of 10 members.  Teams can play any six members during a battle.  Members may be substituted between battles only. A battle is defined as one round of 10 questions for each team. The members not in play must sit quietly without talking or participating in any way while the battle is in progress.

UPDATED 9/12/2016 Alternate/All Star Team In the best of times, an equal number of teams register to participate in the Battle of the Books Tournament and no team withdraws at the last minute.  However, over the years, there have been times when an unequal number of teams register and/or a team drops-out.  When there are an unequal number of teams, it is necessary to form an alternate team (All Star Team) at the last minute.  The All Star Team consists of six to ten members.  The Team Member Sign-In form is divided into two sections.  The first section will list the team’s six key players and the second section will list the team’s four alternate players.  If an All Star Team is needed, the Battle of the Books committee will request that your team volunteer an alternate team member to participate.  To ensure equity, All Star Team members will participate on the alternate team throughout all five battles of the afternoon/evening.  Switching members between battles will not be permitted.  Should an alternate team be needed on the second night of the battles, another All Star Team will be needed.  An alternate coach will accompany the All Star Team.  Numerous adults will be present to ensure the safety of all participating children.  All Star Team members and coaches will join their school teams during the Parade of Teams and the Celebration.  They will be recognized for their exceptional service at the Celebration.   In appreciation of your participation in the All Star Team, your team will not be called upon to volunteer an alternate team member the following year. Thank you for your understanding.

2. Each team will have the opportunity to answer 10 questions in each battle.  Opposing teams will have the chance to answer a missed question following a wrong answer.  This is called a rebound.  B.O.B. Committee members, participation adults and coaches will serve as moderators and act as final judges.  Non-participating team members may act as score and timekeepers.

3. Questions can come from all parts of the book EXCEPT the book jacket, dedication, table of contents, and index. Questions can also be asked from the illustrations in picture books, such as, what a character is doing in the illustration or the kind of media used to create the illustrations: watercolor, sketches, photos, etc.  This type of question is to encourage the students to look more closely at the illustrations and the role they play in communicating the author’s ideas and contributing to the overall tone of the book.  Questions about illustrations in general can come from any of the books.  An equal number of picture book questions per battle per team will be asked in each round of the battles. Questions that include words from the title or author will not be chosen for the final battles.

4. Each team will have 30 seconds to answer a question. Five points will be scored for each correct answer (book title and author). To receive 5 points, both title and author must be correct.  Only the last name of the author is required to receive points.  If an author's last name is hyphenated, eg. Brantley-Newton, students must say both names to receive points. If an author's last name is not hyphenated, eg. Grossnickle Hines, students only need to respond with Hines to receive points.  An additional point will be scored for each correct illustrator of a picture book. Students only need to know the illustrators for picture books.  If the correct title and author is given for a picture book but the illustrator’s name is incorrect, the team will still earn 5 points.   Six points will be earned for a picture book when the correct title, author and illustrator are given.  Complete titles as stated on the booklist are the final answer and must be given to score points.  If the spokesperson asks for a question to be repeated, the clock stops until the question in read. 

Opposing team members will have 15 seconds to rebound by answering a missed question and will be given 2 points for a correct answer (title/author/illustrator).  The moderator will read the question again, but teams cannot ask for the question to be repeated during a rebound. 

5. Only one team member (spokesperson) may give the answer to the questions in each round.  Team members should confer before the team responds.  Once the spokesperson begins to respond with an answer, it is that answer that will be accepted as the response.  Only the team that is answering the question may confer with each other.  The opposingteam must remain silent until it is their turn to receive the question.  Hand gestures or signals of any kind may not be used by anyone whether in play or observing.

6. It is suggested that one coach from each team keep score at his/her seat in case there is a discrepancy in scores at the end of the battle.  After 10 questions, the final score will be announced and a winner declared.

During the battles, if a discrepancy occurs, please notify the office immediately.  The coordinator’s decision is final.

7. Teams will be responsible for carrying the team scorecard from battle to battle.  At each battle site the moderator will sign the card verifying the score.  At the end of the afternoon's battles it is the responsibility of the team to turn the team envelope with your scorecard and the sign-in sheet in to the office at the announced time.  Failure to turn in the scorecard at the end of the afternoon’s battles could result in a team score of zero for the day.

8. Only team members, coaches, principals, Battle of the Books committee and  staff members, media technicians, news reporters, and visiting dignitaries may be in the room when the battles are taking place.  There should be no more that 3 coaches per team in the room during battles. NO OTHER VISITORS ARE PERMITTED TO BE IN THE ROOMS AS THE BATTLES ARE CONDUCTED.  Parents and others are invited to attend the Parade of Teams and Celebration on the last day of competition.

9. Teams are expected to exhibit good “READERMANSHIP”, to pass quietly in the hallways, to wait patiently for teams to finish battles and to respect the school building and classrooms.  At the end of the last battle, the teams will return the desks and chairs to their proper places.

10. Treats will be delivered to the classrooms after the last battle.  This way students and coaches can have something to eat before the parade begins.  Please show your respect for the school and classrooms by throwing away all trash and leaving the classrooms looking clean and orderly.

11. Silence all cell phones and all electronic devices during the competition.  Team members should not have cell phones or any electronic devices during the competition to protect the integrity of the battles. 

12. Video-taping is not allowed except by authorized personnel.  Photos should be taken before and after the battles not during the battles.

13. Show your school pride with BOB tee-shirts, banners, and mascots.  Tee-shirts should demonstrate pride for your school and not feature any book title, author/illustrator, or words that could be construed as a possible answer to a question.  Teams will be asked to turn their tee-shirts inside out if the shirts feature any of the above. 

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