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Everyone is a winner in Battle of the Books!

For more than thirty years, “Everyone is a winner in Battle of the Books!” has been the mantra in the Battle of the Books Tournament and Celebration.  As announced at the coaches’ meeting in the fall of 2017 at Carthage College, this year Battle of the Books will honor all team members who read great books and came together in friendly competition demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of the books they read with a new format for recognizing all readers.  An Olympic style award system will be in place.  All teams will be honored as winners with the final six battle total score* determining whether a team places in the gold, silver, or bronze category.  With the change to the Olympic style award system, first through sixth places will not be awarded.  The score range for each Olympic category is as follows:  

Gold – 246 to 226 points

Silver – 225 to 206 points

Bronze – 205 points

Each team will receive a commemoration for their school and each team member will receive a keepsake.  

 *To accommodate for the change from two nights to one night of battles, on Friday, April 13, there will be six battles consisting of eight questions each battle.  Rebounding has been eliminated.  Please see Battle of the Books Tournament Rules.

Battle of the Books is an extracurricular academic reading activity for fourth and fifth grade students who enjoy reading challenges and competition.  Its purpose is to foster the enjoyment of reading high quality books and to come together in friendly competition answering questions about the books with other students while practicing good “readermanship.”

Coaches, this webpage is for you!  

 Battle of the Books coaches enlarge and enrich the world of the readers they coach.  Thank you for your dedication to young readers.  You make a difference! 

It is a living and developing webpage.  You are invited to share your strategies, activities, and resources with other coaches via this site.  Please send your ideas to Christine O’Regan at

Also - remember to check the Coaches' Page and Tournament Rules for updated information.

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“There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world.  Love of books is the best of all.”  
by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. 


2019 Kenosha Battle of Books Title Suggestions

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