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2017 Battle of the Books Registration

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Coaches ~ we have updated the language about an All Star Team in the tournament rules.  

Please see the Tournament Rules page rule #1 for details.

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Questions are due January 20, 2017
see #3 in the Tournament Rules and page 1 of the question form for details on writing questions.

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    Coaches meeting - December 15th, 4:30-6:00pm  

Battle of the Books is an extracurricular academic reading activity for fourth and fifth grade students who enjoy reading challenges and competition.  Its purpose is to foster the enjoyment of reading high quality books and to come together in friendly competition answering questions about the books with other students while practicing good “readermanship.”

oster and Video Contest rules.

Email from 11/17/16

Hello Everyone!

The Battle of the Books Committee met on Monday and oh boy! did we have a lot to discuss! In attendance was Nana LoCicero (Carthage), Marilyn Ward (Carthage), Shauna Borger (UW-Parkside), Lisa Landsdorf (Kenosha Public Library), Christine O'Regan (KUSD).  We shared and discussed all concerns brought to our attention about this year's book list and tournament.  Just like you, we are always asking ourselves, "What is our BOB purpose?" and "Are we meeting the needs of our audience?"  As a result of this discussion, we decided:

1. We will only be using a portion of the Atlas of Adventures;  Asia and Middle East, pg. 48-61, Africa, pg. 62-71, Australiasia and Oceania, pg.72-79 and Antartica, pg. 80-83.
2. We are eliminating the memorization of subtitles and parentheses from the book list.  Please see the updated book list on the website.
3.  Stay tuned for a Google survey about eliminating another nonfiction title from the book list. We need to hear your opinion!
4. We will be holding a coaches meeting on December 15th, 4:30-6:00 at the ESC room 125 to share BOB news and updates.  It's also a chance for BOB coaches to share coaching strategies, and tips and hints for writing questions.  With your participation, we expect this meeting will be a fast-paced, energizing meeting full of ways to inspire our students through the winter doldrums.  

Other quick announcements include:
1. Registration is still open. Please email if you or your school has questions about where to send the registration fee. 
2. The form is open to submit questions.  
3. The Green Bicycle was eliminated from the book list, see the email from Oct 25

Thank you for contacting us!
~ The Battle of the Books Committee

Coaches, this webpage is for you!  

It is a living and developing webpage.  You are invited to share your strategies, activities, and resources with other coaches via this site.  Please send your ideas to Christine O’Regan at

A Coach

Leads by example

Teaches teamwork

Motivates and listens

Builds character

Challenges and develops

Commits to the team

The BIGGEST fan!

“There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world.  Love of books is the best of all.”  by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.  Battle of the Books coaches enlarge and enrich the world of the readers they coach.  Thank you for your dedication to young readers.  You make a difference; it is appreciated by all.


1.       See the website for Battle of the Books information, timeline, booklist, rules, forms, resources, and updates.  Please check Battle of the Books website regularly for announcements, reminders, and updates.

2.       Determine who will be the coaches and if there will be other adults who support the coaches.

3.       Inform the principal about Battle of the Books and ask permission to participate.

4.       Check school activities calendar and select meeting dates and times.

5.       Announce the school will have a Battle of the Books Team to fourth and fifth graders, teachers, staff, and families.

6.       Read the books on the list and write questions (practice and tournament questions).

7.       Invite all interested fourth and fifth grade readers to attend an information meeting.

8.       Send Battle of the Books information and permission slip to families.

9.       Submit Battle of the Books online Team Registration and send $20.00 fee to Christine O'Regan at ESC/IMC 3600 52nd Street Kenosha, WI 53144.  Make checks to Kenosha Battle of the Books

10.   Meet with students to determine and/or share responsibilities for reading books on the list and for writing questions.

11.   Review Battle of the Books rules with participating students.

12.   Emphasize that the Battle of the Books Tournament is friendly competition!

13.   Provide strategies for reading and note taking.

14.   Submit tournament questions online here (five to eight “best of the best” questions for each book).

15.   Choose a final team (six key players and four alternate players).

16.   Prepare team members for tournament battles.

17.   Appoint a spokesperson.

18.   Be a cheerleader and a source of encouragement for the team and members.

19.   Be patient and understanding. 

20.   Check Battle of the Books website for announcements and updates.

21.   Practice strategies for battling in the tournament.

22.   Submit online list of team members (six key players and four alternates).  Be sure to list any students with allergies to peanut, nuts, or other foodstuff that might be in snacks.

23.   Design tee-shirts to wear during the tournament battles.  See rule 13.

24.   Arrange for transportation to and from the Battle of the Books Tournament (two consecutive Friday afternoons and evenings).

25.   Invite families to attend the Battle of the Books Parade of Teams and Celebration on the second Friday following the battles.  Families are not permitted in classrooms to watch the battles.

26.   Attend Battle of the Books Tournament with team members.  Bring school signs, banners, and mascots for the Parade of Teams following the last battle on the second Friday.

27.   Encourage and support alternate team members if named to the “All Star” team in the event that an alternate team is needed.

28.   Complete and submit Battle of the Books Coach Survey online.  Assist team members in completing the student survey online.

29.   Celebrate the reading of good books, great team work, good “readermanship”, and friendly competition.

30.   Suggest books for the next year’s theme for the Battle of the Books Tournament. Click here.

31.   Distribute the next year’s book list and invite students to begin reading during the summer.

32.   Check Battle of the Books website for announcements and updates.

33.   Breathe and relax.

34.   Thank you!

 Additional Tips

·       Suggest that at least two or more team members read each book.

·       Have team members keep reading logs.

·       Be sure that all team members read all of each book including captions under pictures, introductions, forwards, author’s notes, prologues, etc.

·       Have students keep a folder of information and study guides.

·       Write many practice questions.

·       Ask parents/guardians to read books and to write questions.

·       Conduct mock battles within and outside of your team.

·       Review and practice format, rules, and battle strategies.

·       Encourage team members to guess (no penalty for incorrect answers) if they do not know the answer.

·       Make title and author flash cards.

·       Provide an incentive for members when they finish reading a book.

·       Create study guides, share notes and graphic organizers for practice sessions.

·       Read books during team practices.

·       Conduct book talks during preparation sessions.

·       Make word searchers crossword puzzles, games, and other activities to learn titles, authors, and story elements.  Check internet resources.  See also Book Activities and Resources.

·       Use video recordings from previous years to demonstrate how battles operate (check YouTube).

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