Seminars and In-House Courses

"Education is what separates successful IT organizations from the others!" Ken Orr


Seminars and
    In-house Courses

Training is the most important thing that any technology organization can do. For nearly 20 years, KOI has been doing training around the world. Each year Ken Orr teaches hundreds of people in dozens of top organizations. Among the areas of training include:

Enterprise Architecture -- Based on the BEAM Framework, KOI's Enterprise Architecture Training provides the basis for training on Business and Data (Information) Architecture and Requirements Analysis.

Business Architecture -- Ken Orr has been working extensively on Business Architecture within his BEAM 2.1 Methodology. This work involves Business Context, Business Value Chain, Business Value Steams and Business Process. Check out his recent executive report on Business Architecture for Cutter Consortium.

Business Process Modeling -- Ken Orr is one of the world's leading authorities on Business Process Modeling and Management. He regularly teaches BPM for the BPM Institute.

Data Architecture -- Ken Orr's other great strength is anything having to do with Data Architecture: Database, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Master Data Management and Semantic Modeling.

Semantic Modeling -- Semantics is the next big thing in Information Technology. Ken Orr has spent the last 15 years coming up with a new way of thinking about how organizations model "meaning".