"Research is at the center of everything. If we stop trying new things, everything turns to dust." Ken Orr


Research is what keeps a science or engineering discipline vital and growing. 

Without new discoveries and/or the rediscovery of old but important ideas, disciplines get stale. The Ken Orr Institute has managed to stay ahead of the industry by constantly staying on the leading edge of key technologies. Recent research areas include:

N2 Diagramming -- N2 diagrams were developed in the 1970s to model very large aerospace, military applications. Recently, Ken Orr has been working with Tom Velez and Brent Langley at CTA (see Business Partners) to come up with an experimental approach to model very large network diagrams.

Semantic Modeling -- Based on the underlying theory of Actor-Message modeling, Ken Orr has developed a semantic approach that provides a framework for large advances in both business and data architecture.

Enterprise Architecture -- For the last decade, Ken Orr has been working with clients, colleagues and software tool vendors to come up with an advanced Business Enterprise Architecture Modeling (BEAM). This methodology is based on more than 30 years of research, development and practical experience. It is founded on the "business semantics" approach developed as a result of Ken's work on semantic modeling. Ken has develop a BEAM customization for Proforma's Provision tool.

Business Architecture -- Ken Orr's work on Business Architecture is based on work that he did in the 80s and 90s on requirements engineering and business process modeling. Lately it has been updated to take advantage of new work being done on Business Reference Models (BRMs) and Value Streams. (See Ken's recent Cutter Executive Report and Business Reference Models).

Data Architecture -- Ken Orr first published his work on Enterprise Data Flow Architecture in the early 90s. That architecture has served as the basis for a number of enterprise and software vendor approaches to implementing a flexible, long-range data warehouse architecture. Recently, Ken has been working to update this architecture based on his work on Semantic Modeling.

Automatic Database Design -- Starting in the late 70s, Ken Orr has helped develop algorithms and strategies for automatic database design based on the work of Codd, Warnier and others. That approach was enhanced and implemented by ARTech, Ltd., in their GeneXus product. Today, Ken is working to enhance these algorithms to leverage recent discoveries in semantic modeling.

Application Generation Driven Agile Development -- For for than twenty-five years, Ken Orr has been a pioneer in developing advanced application generation environments. For the last 15 years, Ken has worked activity with ARTech, Ltd., one the leaders in this field. He has worked with them on automatic database design and workflow management and he is now working with them to integrate semantic modeling and eXecutable Business Processes.

eXecutable Business Processes -- For over a decade, Ken Orr has been working to streamline the process of defining, designing and implementation business process (workflow) models so that new, advanced Application Generation Platforms can be developed so that business analysts and business users can automate business processes that can be reviewed, prototyped and executed in near-real time.