"Luck is the residue of Design." Branch Rickey

 A Methodology is "A documented approach for performing activities in a coherent, consistent, accountable, and repeatable manner."

Treasure EA Framework


Over the past 30 years Ken Orr and The Ken Orr Institute has been involved in developing a number of systems/software methologies.

During the 1980's, Ken Orr released a 5 volume, 1,500 page systems development methodology called Data Structured Systems Development. A number of very large organizations including Pacific Bell, Santa Fe Railroad and GTE (3 companies that have all since changed their names).

That methodology provided the basis for the development of a number of subsequent methodologies. In recent years, Ken Orr in collaboration with associates and clients has developed a number of other methods. These include:

Business Process (Re)Modeling (BPReM)

BPReM is a methodology for business process reengineering, developed over the last 20 years by Ken Orr. It is based on a series of tools, techniques and hints that have come from research, consulting and teaching this approach for years. BPReM is the basis of the "Business Process Modeling in the Real-World" that Ken Orr teaches at the BPM Institute Conferences. BPReM also forms the basis of Ken Orr's in-house BPM training and consulting.

Business Enterprise Architecture Modeling (BEAM)

BEAM is a methodology that Ken Orr has developed in conjunction with the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT). It is based on developing comprehensive approaches for doing Enterprise Architecture for a wide variety of organizations. Unlike 1st and 2nd generation EA methodologies, BEAM is an active approach that provides framework for understanding and structuring key components of Enterprise Architecture. (See BEAM 4.0)

NextPractice (NXP)

NXP is an experimental methodology that merges business process modeling, business semantics, agile development advanced workflow, database design and application generation tools from ARTech Ltd. (GeneXus). This approach is aimed at creating CAD/CAE/CAM/CAP tools for systems/software development.

If you are interested in NXP or any of the KOI methodologies, email kenorr@kenorrinst.com.