Business Partners

"Life is Short, Work with the Best!" Ken Orr

Cutter Consortium

BPM Institute (BPMI)


GeneXus (ARTech, Ltd.)


Computer Technology Associates 

Business Partners

KOI is all about collaboration. A number of KOI's key business partners include:

  • Cutter Consortium is a Business/IT Research, Publishing and Consulting Organization based in Andover, MA. For many years now, Ken Orr has been an active researcher, writer and consultant with Cutter. Ken is also a Fellow in the Cutter Business IT/Trends Council. Ken has published more than 15 major executive reports and articles for Cutter and is the author of a bi-monthly IT Trends Advisor column.
  • Ummel Group is an organization that provides consulting in a number of areas: state and local government systems, project and program management, Semantic Web and Web 3.0.
  • BPM Institute (BPMI) is an organization that provides education, training and consulting services in the areas of Business Process, Business Architecture and SOA.
  • Metastorm is a developer of Business Process and Enterprise Architecture Modeling tools (ProVision) , training and consulting.
  • GeneXus (ARTech Ltd.) is a developer of advanced systems development tools. Ken Orr has been working with ARTech since the early 1990s
  • Auctor is the leading organization in the development of agile platforms and applications for human service organizations.
  • Computer Technology Associates, Inc. (CTA) is a leading technology consulting organization working with advanced governmental and non-governmental customers.