Business Enterprise Architecture Modeling  Framework (BEAM 4.0)

"Enterprise Architecture is becoming more and more important for all large organizations. the BEAM Methodology takes advantage of all we have learned about EA over the last decade and all of the new tools that are available." Ken Orr


Business Enterprise Architecure Modeling - Version 4.0 (BEAM 4.0) is a practical, dynamic Enterprise Architecture Methodology based on decades of research, development and application. In this activity, KOI has had the cooperation of a number of different organizations, especially the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT), the State of Kansas, Metastorm's ProVision Toolset, Cutter Consortium and Brainstorm Group.

Enterprise Architecture exists today because the relation between IT and the enterprise are much more complicated, much more "intertwangled" than in the past. Business processes are an integral part of how all advanced organizations operate in the Internet age. 

Enterprise Architecture is about thinking "longer" and "broader" about IT investments. More and more organizations are learning that It is no longer possible to manage IT one project at a time, one application at a time, or even one silo at a time. Increasingly, all the pieces are tied to all the other pieces, and organizations need Enterprise Architecture groups to help them to think, plan and manage that complexity. BEAM was created to provide a framework and tools to allow Enterprise Architecture groups to help guide their organizations. 

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