"A study in the 70s showed the very best programmers were 26 times as productive as the average. That is clearly true with consultants. Organizations

would do well to hire the best people they can find as early as they can." Ken Orr


One of KOI's greatest assets are the network of top notch people that we have worked with in the past. Most organizations don't always spend their money wisely on consultants. Our experience has been the world class who charges 3 or 4 times what the average consultant charges is often worth 10 or 20 times based on his/her knowledge, methods, tools and communication skills. KOI Associates are all people that we've worked with for years:

Andy Maher -- Andy is one of the world's leading authorities on practical Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. For over 20 years, Andy was the chief research programmer for one of the premier BI organizations in the world. One of Andy's specialities is his knowledge about accessing data from obsecure legacy databases.

Dave Hay -- Dave is perhaps the world's leading authority on data modeling. His recent books include works on: Data Model Patterns, Requirements Analysis and Meta-data.

Mike Rosen -- Mike is one of the world's leading authorities on Enterprise Architecture, Application Architecture and SOA. Ken Orr has worked with Mike on a number of occasions through both Cutter Consortium and Brainstorm Conferences. 

Mitch Ummel -- Mitch is an expert on Enterprise Architecture and Very Large Project Management. Mitch recently successfully delivered a three year major systems implementation--on-time and
under-budget--something that very few people in IT do in real-world.