Ken Orr


The Ken Orr Institute

Ken Orr Project receives a 2009 Leadership in Enterprise Driven Results Prize from Federal Enterprise Architecture Conference. The Federal Enterprise Architecture Conference awarded one of its annual prizes for the best State/Local EA Projects to the Kansas Department of Corrections (KDOC) STAR-DOC Project. This total EA project reviewed all of KDOCs business activities, systems, and technologies to come up with a 10-year Roadmap. Ken Orr worked with prime contractor The Ummel Group as the technical director providing training and consulting in the Ken Orr BEAM Methodology.

This is the second Ken Orr Project to receive this prize. In 2005 Ken Orr was the prime contractor on a 2 year EA project for the Kansas Department of Transportation.  

In 2009 marked the beginning of the 3rd decade of the The Ken Orr Institute (KOI). KOI is one of the leading systems and software research organizations in the world. Founded by Ken Orr in 1988, KOI is committed to the the development of “advanced, agile, business focused, scaleable” enterprises leveraging the latest in "systems thinking" and "enterprise architecture".

Research, methodologies and tools. KOI is focused on bringing the latest in business/technology thinking (enterprise architecture, business process analysis, automatic software design, data warehousing, workflow management and knowledge management) into business systems mainstream.

Based on Ken Orr's more than 40 years of experience in working on advanced systems in all areas of business and government systems, KOI provides consulting in a number of areas: IT strategic planning, enterprise architecture, requirements engineering, data warehousing, knowledge management, and  the semantic web.

Business and Technology Trends

For the last few years, KOI has been focusing on a number of emerging technological areas:   Enterprise Architecture (especially Business, Data and Application Architectures), Business Process Modeling, Business Rules, Semantic and Ontological Modeling and Advanced Systems Development.

These trends play a larger and larger role in 21st Century businesses.

Methods and Tools

Over the years, Ken Orr has been involved in the development of a number of major methodologies for systems development, database and program design (Data Structured Program Design, Data Structured Systems Development (DSSD) aka Warnier-Orr Methodology, Business Process (Re)Modeling) and recently Enterprise Architecture. Ken's latest methodology is called Business Enterprise Architecture (BEAM).  BEAM was developed in cooperation with a number of colleagues, clients and a number of other research organizations. Ken has recently announced the release of BEAM 4.0. Currently, BEAM works in conjunction with Metastorm's ProVision toolset.