OzarkCon 2006

QRPer's convention Joplin, Missouri  April 29-30, 2006

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Left:  Tube crystal oscillator to check grinding progress

Right: Cecil address crowd on toaster oven soldering

Left: QRP Bob talks with customers

Right: Crystal grinding station with tuna can electrodes by Rex.


Left: Crystal grinding tables & banquet line

Right: QRPers hard at work grinding crystals to 7040KC



Left: Cy the LED guy

Right: Dave has QRP rigs for sale


Left: James promotes his portable antennas

Right: Tommy's SMT soldering workship (MMIC amp)



Left: Rex shows Cannery Row to Jerry & John

Right: Friday evening banquet



Left: Rex lectures in socks on the joy of crystal radios

Right:  Tony shows his ham shack (exiled after getting soLder on the carpet)


 Left: Dennis, Keith and Doug sell their wares

Right: Doug & Keith dueling banjos, while Chuck misses his dulcimer


Left: Ruth & Tony on Saturday evening

Right: And just for nostalgia's sake, here's Dave Benson at an ArkieCon gig doing his version of The Ballad of Jed Clampitt while WA5BDU plays banjo.  Oh yeah, how did I take this picture?  Actually, I think W0CH was the photographer.

Sorry I didn't have my camera with me during the fine Antenna Hints & Kinks presentation by Phil Salas, AD5X

Also my captions don't seem to always align with the pictures (depending on your screen resolution).  Sorry about that.  I haven't yet mastered doing things with Google's page creator.

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