I recently received my PhD at the University of Georgia studying under Robert Rumely. Beginning in Fall 2016, I am a Boas Visiting Assistant Professor at Northwestern University, under the direction of Laura DeMarco

My research interests are primarily in complex and arithmetic dynamics.

Publications and Preprints:
  • Hyperbolic Equivariants of Rational Maps.
    • Submitted. Preprint available: arxiv.
  • Iteration and the Minimal Resultant, with Phil Williams 
    • Preprint available: arxiv.
  • A Lower Bound for non-Archimedean Lyapunov Exponents.
    • To appear in Transactions of the AMS. Preprint available: arxiv.
  • Configuration of the Crucial Set for a Quadratic Rational Map, with J. Doyle and R. Rumely
  • Quantitative Logarithmic Equidistribution of the Crucial Measures.
  • Equidistribution of the crucial measures in non-Archimedean dynamics.
    • Journal of Number Theory, vol. 180, pp. 86-138, 2017. Preprint available: arxiv.
  • William Armor Wills Memorial Scholarship, UGA Department of Mathematics. April 2015.
  • Graduate Student Assistantship, UGA Graduate School. Fall 2011 - Summer 2013.
Talks and Conferences:
  • Talks during Graduate School (UGA):