Hello. I am Kenneth Gill. I am located in North Port Charlotte, Florida which is just south of Sarasota on the West Coast.
I created this portfolio to start compiling my Work, Awards, Experience, Certifications and many other Accomplishments into one easily accessible place. I intend to use it to help in networking and getting my name and passions out into the career marketplace.
I graduated from Independence University, a sister of Steven's Heneger College in March of 2016. I received my Associate’s degree in Applied Sciences for Business Management and Accounting.  I do plan on starting my own business after growing my knowledge in the field of Business Management through my education and personal experiences. I am not sure of exactly what type of business I will start as of now, however I do plan on exploring many options through the Career Services Department and other resources available to me. I included Accounting into my degree to extend my knowledge in the field of accounting as well. I am expecting it will open a wider variety of business management options.
I married my long-time sweet heart in March of 2013.  We quickly started our family including a son.

Cars have been a passion of mine since I was a child. I have been interested in everything to do with cars including New Car Concepts, Manufacturing, Selling, Maintenance, After-Market add-ons and Redesign.  I was a Area Supervisor for a Multi-Unit Car Care Company known as Southern Express Lubes, Inc. for thirteen years. They owned and operated many “Mobil 1 Lube Express” and “Shell Express Lubes” in South Florida. There I was able to grow my knowledge in the mechanical workings of a large variety of cars, makes, and models. I also enjoyed having firsthand knowledge of new technology and experimental parts and assemblies.  I was personally responsible for multiple locations as well as maintaining supervision of the S.W. Florida area. Those years of experience gave me great experience with corporate communications, vendor selection and management, as well as most day to day operations. I also received much experience in payroll and the distribution of, routine business inspections and maintenance, employee recruiting, retention, and counseling.

I've always enjoyed firearms and the sport of competitive shooting.  That enjoyment led to me joining the NRA and acquiring the credentials of a certified Firearms Instructor in 2006.  I maintain the rank of a Marksman with the NRA. I later received the training and title of a Range Safety Officer.  Using those credentials; I have been holding private training classes to the public on a small scale.  As of graduation and receiving a degree in business management, I intend to start my 1st business venture around this experience.