Just some poems that I have written 

"Looking at the ocean

feeling peace and a power so strong

so strong that it can make any man fall

fall deep into a dream with no end

a dream with such a beauty

that can only be found

in the ocean of your eyes"

From "Uma Borboleta"

On this page you will find some of the poems that I have written during the years. I hope you will enjoy! 

Uma Borboleta (English) 

Uma Borboleta (Português)

The innocent kiss

One of those days where I really felt life

Reflections of life

A lost of faith, a lost of heart (English)

A lost of faith, a lost of heart (Português)

Você disse que lutaria por nós (English)

Você disse que lutaria por nós (Português)

O caminho

Who would believe? 

I hear the rain

Deixa ser pra sempre

A beginning of something beautiful

A beautiful morning

Confused mind

Leevde un bronwater (A collection of poems in Low Saxon dialects) 

A cold wind

Storm in a glass of water


Voce me completa

Quando to feliz

Um amor verdadeiro

The tide

Standing in the rain