I am a person of many interests, but I will try to outline some of them there.

I am a person who hopes to make a difference, that strives to change the world into something better or at least being remembered by those who crosses my path.

I am very interested in history and politics, but I am mostly active in politics regarding language use and IT.

I am a huge music lover and I love getting to know new kind of music. I also love playing guitar and singing, though unfortunately I am not so good at that.

I am interested in technology and especially the human - computer interaction (usability, accessibility; I want the computer to be as easy to use as a television). I find the technology trends interesting and love discussing the current development with people who share my interest.

Languages interest me a lot too. I generally love traveling and meeting new cultures, and thus also learning languages. Language development and its origin interests me a lot as well which has made me very interested in dialects and minority languages. I have done a lot of work for preserving these languages and am currently working on changing people mind about minority languages and on creating a good orthography for the various Low Saxon variaties. I also love reading old texts and can read Old Low Franconian, Middle Saxon and Middle Danish without much trouble.