About me


So who did you say you were?

It is always difficult describing someone, especially yourself. I think my perception of myself varies a lot from the perception others have of me. There is also a big difference knowing one just as an acquaintance, or more intimately. Though, I would have liked it differently, most people in my life actually don't know me that well, but that is changing.

Generally, I am a happy, outgoing person who loves to socialize. Not always, of course. I also need time alone to be myself and pursued the interests I have at a given moment. Actually, I have many interests and new interests seem to come and go with time.

I guess I enjoy or have this need to learn a bit of everything. It can be kind of handy, though... I know how to cook, build houses, fix a computer, speak various languages, play some instruments, draw cartoons, write stories and poetry, ... People sometimes envy me, or - I mean - say that I should be really happy with my abilities, but though I appreciate it, I don't give it special value.

Some would say that I am intelligent, which I guess you can say, though, you cannot really label me as a "nerd" of "study geek" or so, as I am just as lazy as everyone else, though I seem to have enough self discipline when it is needed.

The things that really has meaning for me is people! Friends, family, socializing! I love travelling! Love meeting new people, learning about new cultures and learning about life. I love many things actually... also those small every day things, like drinking a cup of coffee, shopping, looking at the rain from my window, has a special meaning to me.

Life is quite a journey, so many experiences to be put in perspective and still so much to feel and experience. And when you think you know everything you find out that you in fact know nothing.

Maybe it is time for me to quiet down a bit. I have been moving a bit too much around the last years, though it is always cool living in new countries ... but well, I guess we will see where life will take me.

Anyway, though I hope this website tells a bit about me, it is always better to know someone in person and it will probably give you a whole other idea about me, so feel free to take contact!