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 The online presence of an individual not like the most.

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Hi, you have reached the website of Kenneth Rohde Christiansen.

Here you can find information about me, my interest and my occupations.

A website never does anyone justice and it often represents a person more formal and boring than the person really is, which is also the case with this site.

In reality I am a very friendly and outgoing person with a lot of energy and spirit, just making my way through life like everyone else, and trying to enjoy as much of the ride as possible. I love getting to know new people, so if you are not yet a friend and feels like saying "hi", please drop me an e-mail and I will be sure to write you back!

If you are interested in getting my Skype-account, MSN-account or my (mobile) phone number, please ask me by using the Contact menu item or check my Orkut account.