I am currently working as a Senior Managing Consultant at IBM Enterprise Marketing Performance and before that at IBM Global Business Services, with in-depth expertise in data mining and the integration and deployment of data mining results within business processes.

During my more than 15 years of experience as a data mining consultant, I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of different project types and in a number of different industries. The most common project types include such objectives as customer acquisition, up-sell and cross-sell, customer retention, and detection of non-compliance or fraud, but I have also worked on projects that have aimed at understanding commodity pricing better or analyzing and reporting on satisfaction surveys.

Apart from excellent analytical skills, I find it extremely important for a successful data mining project to gain a deep understanding of the business and of the processes that are to be affected by the results as well as those that produce the data used in the analysis, and that requires the ability to talk confidently to business people at all levels as well as database administrators and analysts; an ability that I have acquired and refined over my years as a consultant.

I have an outstanding track record in terms of both the data mining results and their impact on the business as well as the satisfaction of the customers I have worked with.