Louise was born into a family where dogs have been part of the everyday life for several generations. Her grandfather bred Dachshunds and was a dog show judge, her father, also a former dog show judge, is most notably known for his cocker spaniels, that still today are portrayed on the Swedish Cocker Spaniel Club emblem. As of today Louise carries on the family tradition co-breeding with her mother Ewa, who has bred Cairn Terriers under the prefix Tribuns for the past 40 years. The kennel has produced 91 national and 26 international champions, including 7 FCI World Winners and 10 FCI European Winners. Louise has been a former Junior Handler, and was no #1 Junior Handler in Sweden 2006, and won team gold and individual silver at the first ever-held Nordic Championships in Hamar. She shows dogs both in the Nordic countries and on the European continent, and spent time in the USA as a pro-handling assistant for notable terrier handler Susan Kipp. She has also judged dogs from all breed groups at unofficial shows. Louise is secretary for the national committee that is responsible for the Junior Handling sports in Sweden. Through the committee she has arranged national handling seminars and taught junior handling judges educations. In 2013 she was awarded the Marikarlos scholarship for her contributions to young members of the Kennel Club. She is currently part of the Swedish Kennel Club’s working group for member recruitment and breed registrations. Louise is a Finance and Economics student at School of Business Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg, doing her M.Sc. in Finance, and besides dogs she is interested in music, literature and politics.
(Judges presentation for Helsinki Winner Show 2016)

August 2013 at the Cairn Terrier Jubilee show with Dagmar

Judging at Partille BK All-breed open show 2015 - Had many very nice terrier 
puppies to judge and this was my Group 1st that later went BIS. 

Showing a dog should always be fun. Both for the handler and the dog.

Judging Allbreed Open Show at June Hundklubb in 2014. I had 77 dogs to judge.
I put up this Landseer in the breed and the group and we finally made it Runner-up BIS.

Judging the local Cairn Specialty of Southern Sweden. 35 cairns entered, my BIS winner was Caroq's Emelanin and my BOS was Miketo's Run For Success. 

Judging Junior Handling at one of our largest International CACIB Shows in Sweden, MyDog, my winner above was Pernilla Lindström.

Judging Junior Handling at one of our largest International CACIB Shows in Sweden, MyDog, my winner above was Sara Cansund.

Judging Junior Handling at the World Terrier Show 2008,
my winner was Karolina Lidsell, Sweden.

At Nordic Championships in Junior Handling 2012 I was 2nd Team coach to the Swedish team
that won an Individual Gold and a Team Bronze

Arranging National Seminar and Junior Handling conference in 2012 at Vilsta. 

My background within dogs

1989-1999 - The beginning
Born in 1989 I attended my first dog show a couple of months old, having a mother that was breeding Cairns since the 1970's and a father being a dog show judge of over 80 breeds and breeder of English and American Cocker Spaniels. He also handled and owned Poodles that he had great wins with in the show ring. My father got the dog interest from my grandfather, Dag Dufwa, who was a dachshound breeder since the 1930's and a dog show judge too, and my father took over the Kennel prefix Ekhorst from my grandfather. 

I started showing dogs in the show ring as soon as I could walk and be able to hold a cairn on leash, and I have photos of me winning Dog and Child competitions since the age of 4. 

1999-2007 - Junior Handling
The years of 1999 to 2007 I competed successfully in Junior Handling. Each year I qualified to compete at the Swedish Championship finals. 2005 I was runner up to the Top Junior Handler of the Year title, being the 2nd most winning handler of 2005. 2006 I led the same competiton from beginning to end, never ranked anything other than 1st, winning the title by the end of the year. In 2006 I ad the great honour to represent Sweden in the first ever held Nordic Championships, in Hamar, Norway, where our team won Gold and I got the highest Swedish individual placing, getting a Nordic Silver. At the World Dog Show 2006 in Poznan, Poland I qualified among over 150 handlers competing that day to being top 3 of the day, qualifying for the World finals. Here I was selected among the top 10, where 3 got placed and the rest of us got to share a 4th place. In Mexico, at the World Dog Show 2007, under former AKC president, I placed 4th, being the only placed European. 

During my Junior Handling years I competed foremost with my Cairn Terriers, where Sara, CH Tribuns Foreign Affair, holds a special place in my heart being a great companion. I also had the great pleasure to show some Poodles, and the dog that has a special place in my heart foremost here is Benn, CH Baltic Pearl Sweet Boy, who I got to borrow from friends of our family, Anna and Nils-Arne Törnlov at Kennel Rusch. 

2005 - Licensed Junior Handling Instructor
In 2005 I passed SHU's (Swedish Dog Youth Association) exam for being a licensed Junior Handling Instructor.

2008 - PRO Handler Team Assistant USA
During the fall of 2008 I had the great opportunity to work for Susan 'Suzy' Kipp and her AKC PRO Handling team. Breeds that we handled at that time consisted of foremost Norfolk (breeding), Norwich (breeding), Airedale (breeding), Fox, Wheaten, West Highland White, Australian (Terriers), Doberman (breeding), Collie, Sheltie, American Foxhound, Brussels Griffon, Boxer, Bullmastiff, Schnauzer, Cocker. I worked 6 days a week and got to go to all shows the team went and learned so much about preparation, presentation and training of the dogs the American way. Susy is the best boss anybody could have, and the team was really like a second family to me. 

2010-Today - Co-breeder of Kennel Tribuns
Since 2010 I am officially co-breeder together with my mother of Kennel Tribuns. 

2011 - Licensed Junior Handling Judge
In 2011 I passed SHU's exam for being a licensed Junior Handling Judge.

2011-Today - Västra Kennelklubben
2011 I started my engagement within the local Kennel Club, which is one of Sweden's largest with approx 7200 members. Within the club I succeed to engage young people in the club and raised awareness about Junior Handling. That year 6 out of 28 finalists for the Swedish Championship finals were from our Kennel Club. Today I am part of the Nominating commitee for the club. 

2012 - Workshop of anatomy and assessment techniques
Arranged by the Swedish Terrier Club, led by terrier specialist Dan Ericsson

2012-2014 - Cairn i Väst
I was Chairman of the board for two years for the local Cairn Terrier Club, responding to members of the Swedish Cairn Club, being approx 1500 members, also here raising awareness of Youth questions, arranging a yearly young members day or weekend. 

2012-Today - Swedish Handling Committee
I am part of the Swedish Handling Committee that is responsible for all questions regarding Handling sports of young people aged 7-25 years old in Sweden. We work to raise awareness of the young people within the Dog Show Sports and to raise the interest for the Dog Show sports among young people in Sweden. We collaborate with similar organisations abroad, and every 4th year we arrange the Nordic Championships in Junior Handling.  

2013 - Marikarlo's Scholarship
In december 2013 I was sole recipient of the Marikarlos Scholarship for my work for young people within the Show Dog Sports. 

Handling Dogs Today
Today I handle foremost our own dogs or breeding. I have handled dogs from all different groups 1-10, my specialty is Terriers and I have a great love for Poodles. 

 Ewas Mobil
Ewa's cell phone number:
+46 723 89 20 23