This is an English shorty version of our dogs presentation and storytelling and talking about them in our mother language web
Our days are full of happiness and activities in nature with our dogs. Thanks good God for dogs.


     Aywy - IQ test   


We have border colies (Koral Rubinove srdce (stud dog), Aywy z Ohromujiciho sveta (bitch), Blessed Baffi Storytelling (bitch), Blessed Bessi Storytelling (bitch), Belgian Shaperd Groenendael (Cikada Orfi ze Ztracene zahrady, bitch), Canaan dog Sangie (Angie od Dvou cedru, bitch) and Chinese Crested dog Mia (Anamda China Stofox, bitch).

Canaan dog Sangie (Angie od Dvou cedru)

Chinese Crested Dog - Mia 

Border Collies - Koral + Aywy + Bessi + Baffi


Groenendael - Orfi