the shih tzu like so many other breed, have different types.

about the shihtzu you may heard about the american and the europen type.




here you have the american type                                 here is the europen type

they are like you see very different, the american is higher and lighter, have a smaler head and is an elegant dog even the neck is longer.

but i must say that the american type have a very nice coat normaly.

the europen type or some call it nordic og english type is a broad, short  legs dog with a short neck and a bigger head.     but much more like the orginal shih tzu that came from china to england and norway in the years around 1930.

what is very special with the europen type is the mouth is more up, like you can see the underbite outside, the american do not have that and this special mouth is very importen.

to day it is many between types, since this two types can be mated and you may see shih tzus that is maby lower but have to smale head.

a shih tzu shall allways be thouchs and feel it, the coat can many times cover a thin body and head.

after my personely opinion is that they should been split in to two breed, like the american cocker and english cocker spaniel, but this is just what i think........