Father of Beatrice Julia (Schneider) Kennedy


Otto Schneider with sisters Olive and Minnie (c. 1900)
Otto Joseph Schneider
was born on 5 July, 1883 on an estate called Breitenau, located about 6 miles from the rural town of Hardheim (in Baden). He was the third of nine children (and the oldest son) born to Wilhelm Schneider and Walburga Ballweg. Wilhelm was the forester for the landowner. The lack of employment opportunities may have been the impetus for young Otto's emigration to the United States. He was encouraged by an uncle, Herman Ballweg, to leave his homeland for America in 1900. Otto was 17 when he arrived in the USA on 22 Oct, 1900 on the S. S. Statendam. He paid his own passage. Herman Ballweg helped him find a place to live and got him employment in the baking business.All he asked in return was that when Otto had children, he name his first son after him. Otto kept that promise.

Otto Schneider is described on his Naturalization document ( he became a citizen on 23 April, 1914) as 5'9", with fair complexion, brown hair & dark brown eyes. 

While riding a streetcar one day, Otto saw a face that he recognized from the "old country." It was Anna Josephine Herold, whose family lived in Hardheim. She had come to America at the instigation of her older sister, Karoline Herold. They renewed acquaintances and were married on 10 October, 1908, at St. Leonard's Church in Brooklyn, which was located at 199 Jefferson Street (at the corner of Wilson Ave & Jefferson St., Bushwick [sadly demolished in 2001]. Its parishioners had been primarily German immigrants. Otto's sister, Minnie, had married Lorenz Eisenhauer at the same church in 1903.

After their marriage, the Schneiders lived at 482 Onderdonk Ave. in Ridgewood, Queens County. In 1922 Otto and Anna moved their family to the little village of Northport, on Long Island's north shore. Otto continued to work as a baker until his death from throat cancer on 29 December, 1942. He was 59 years old. Two brothers-in-law, Josef Wiener (m. to Karoline Herold) & Eugene Woelfel (m. to Julia Schneider) died the same year.

Their children were:
  1. Herman Harold Schneider (16 Aug 1909--28 Dec 1963)
  2. Otto Joseph Schneider, Jr. (6 Jun 1911--8 Nov 2000)
    m. Florence Mastriano (28 Aug 1916--16 Jan 2003) in 1936
    1. Carol Ann Schneider (1 Ja 1937--11 Oct 1982)
      m. Abraham Wagner
      Children: Carol Lee Wagner; Richard Wagner
    2. Jo Ann Schneider (b. 24 F 1945)
      m. Robert Saegner
      Children: Robert Saegner & Lisa Saegner
    3. Thomas Schneider (b. 11 S 1948)
      m. JoEllen _____
      Children: Thomas Andrew Schneider and Leah Ann Schneider
  3. Wilhelmina Amalia Schneider (25 Jul 1913--27 Jul 1990)
  4. Arthur William Schneider (8 May 1915--12 May 1967)
    m. Marie Jenelton
    1. Patricia Ann Schneider (24 Oct 1952--20 July 2013) m. Lewis Schlick
      Children: Rebecca C. Schlick; Benjamin D. Schlick; Chrisotpher L. Schlick; Jeremy A. Schlick 
    2. Peter Joseph Schneider m. Darlene ______
  5. Clara Marie Schneider (12 Aug 1917--12 Oct 1985)
  6. Gertrude Walburga Schneider (3 Oct 1919--19 Dec 1990)
    m. William Mackey (24 Jul 1908--6 Mar 1974)
    1. William Robert Mackey (21 June 1939-- )
      m. Marilyn Wood on 19 F 1966
      Children: Cheryl Mackey (b. 17 Jl 1966); Robert Mackey (b. 10 May 1968) & William Mackey (b. 30 Dec 1970)
    2. Diane Mackey (6 Dec 1941--27 Ag 1986)
      m. William Mitchell
      Children: Diane Mitchell; William Mitchell; Cherie Mitchell.
    3. Robert Otto Mackey (7 June 1943--17 Dec 1966)
  7. Beatrice Julia Schneider (6 Oct 1922--20 Feb 2005)
    m. William Allen Kennedy (28 Dec 1912--27 Sept 2000) on 8 Nov 1952
    1. William Allen Kennedy, Jr.
    2. Lynne Margaret Kennedy
    3. Craig Michael Kennedy
      m. Cara Pour, (b. 13 Sept 1956) the daughter of Ivan Pour and Karin Aun, on 4 Apr 1987.
      Children: James Pour Kennedy and Michelle Pour Kennedy


Father of Otto Joseph Schneider

I have not yet done a great deal of research about Wilhelm Schneider...

Wilhelm Schneider (his birth record identifies him as "Josef") was born in Riedern, Baden, Germany, on 21 Jan 1849. He was the son of Johann Anselm Schneider *1808--1852) & Eva Katharina Kuhn (1816--1870.) He had at least one sister, Viktoria Schneider (b. 1 Apr 1842). 

In September of 1878, he married Walburga Ballweg (1 May 1854--22 Jun 1929), the daughter of Thomas Ballweg (19 Dec 1815--8 Apr 1867) and Viktoria Bierling [have also seen her last name spelled "Pierling" and "Bailing"] (26 Jan 1824--5 Mar 1908) of Steinfurt.

Wilhelm worked as the forester at Breitenau, located about nine miles south of Riedern, and north of Hardheim. He retained this position until his death on 6 February, 1931. Walburga Schneider died on 22 January, 1929.

The children of Wilhelm Schneider and Walburga Ballweg were:

1. Wilhelmina "Minnie" Schneider (26 Dec 1879--5 Jul 1969)
    m. Lawrence Eisenhauer (24 Mar 1876/8--10 Jun 1947) on 20 Oct 1903 in Queens, NY
        a. Olive W. Eisenhauer (26 Jan 1905--2000)
            m. Emil Josepf Goetz (26 Jan 1901--19 Oct 1982) on 10 Oct 1923
                I. Olive Goetz (b. 25 Oct 1926)
                    m. Charles Wallace on 20 Aug 1947
                II. Amy Therese Goetz (b. 27 Aug 1928)
                    m. Joseph Kish  on 6 Sept 1948
        b. Elvira Eisenhauer (8 Apr 1910--8 Aug 1959)
            m. Fred Hoffman
Lawrence O. Eisenhauer (18 Jun 1913--2 Apr 1993)
            m. Aileen McGann (3 Feb 1910--22 Jun 2000) on 29 Dec 1935
                I. Lynn Eisenhauer (b. 9 Jan 1938)
                    m. John Henningsen on 5 Nov 1963
                II. Lawrence Conway Eisenhauer (b. 22 Feb 1940)
                    m. Lynn Merkle on 1 May 1980
                III. Robert Eisenhauer (b. 5 Aug 1941)
                    m. Elaine Cerul on 3 Mar 1975
                IV. Peter Eisenhauer (b. 25 Feb 1946)
                    m. Virginia Barry

2. Olive Schneider (29 Jun 1881--Mar 1969)
    m. Eduard Greulich (1 Feb 1870--24 Jan 1940)
        a. William F. Greulich (1909--19 Mr 1947)
            m. Louise Agnes Hanold (5 Jul 1909--Apr 1992), on 29 June 1935 in Queens, NY
        b. Marie Gruelich (7 My 1914--23 My 1994)
            m. Frank Marquart (25 Apr 1910--Aug 1976) on 27 Jun 1936 in Queens, NY
                I.  Mary Lou Marquart (b. 12 Mar 1939)
                     m. Jim Triolo (b. 23 Jan 1934)
                II .James Marquart (c. 1942)
                     m. Nancy J. ____
        c. Frederick E. Greulich (18 My 1919--24 Ag 1967)
            m. Carol _____
        d. Loretta Greulich (11 Jul 1921--May 1980)
            m. Al Frank
                 I. Loretta Frank
                II. Linda Frank
                     m. Frank Tesone

3. Otto Joseph Schneider (5 Jul 1883--29 Dec 1942)
m. Anna Josephine Herold (27 Feb 1884--2 Apr 1967) on 10 Oct 1908 in Brooklyn, NY

4. Johann Anselm Schneider (10 May 1885--27 Mar 1940)

5. Maria Juliana Schneider (27 Dec 1886--26 Aug 1970)
    m. Eugen Woelfel (11 Nov 1881--18 Sept 1942) on 24 Oct 1819 in NYC
        a. Rita Woelfel (26 Dec 1919--14 May 1979)
            m. Frank Bottego (5 Jul 1912--Jan 1970)
                 I. Lyn Bottego
                    m. George Miko
                II. Julie Bottego     
                     m. Thomas VerPault
                III. Richard Bottego
                     m. Irene ____
        b. Eleanor Woelfel (14 Feb 1922-- )
            m. William Bellmer (14 Aug 1914--9 Jan 1977) in 1943
                 I. Pat Bellmer 17 Jul 1944-- )
                    m. Ray Van Sickle
                II. Linda Bellmer (b. 13 Jul 1947)
                     m. Joe Carillo
                III. Billie Jean Bellmer (b. 13 Jan 1958)
                    m. Jim Short
        c. Louise Woelfel (21 Apr 1927-- )
        d. Walter Woelfel (14 Ag 1924--2014)
            m. Irene Soloski (b. 24 Aug 1926) on 27 S 1952
                 I. Susan Woelfel (b. 10 Feb 1956)
                     m. Tom Schultheiss
                 II.Eugene Woelfel (b. 3 Aug 1957)
                III. Carla Woelfel (b. 30 Jan 1959)
                     m. Jeff Pierce
               IV. Christopher G. Woelfel (23 June 1960-- )
                    m. Lori Lustering on 23 Aug 1993
        e. Frances Woelfel (17 Ja 1921-- )
            m. John J. "Buddy" Nolan (23 Dec 1920--17 Dec 1987)
                 I. John J. Nolan III (b. 12 D 1952)
                     m. Claudia ______
        f. Barbara Woelfel (4 D 1929-- )
            m. Walter Edwin Magnussen (28 May 1919--19 Jan 1978)

6. Fr. Wilhelm Schneider (7 Jan 1889--17 Feb 1940 in Munich)

7. Maria Anna Schneider (29 Jun 1890--7 Jul 1956)
m. Georg Schießer (18 Dec 1887--9 Apr 1958
        a. Hedwig Schießer (13 Oct 1914-- )
        b. Helene Schießer (31 Oct 1915-- )
            m. Ludwig Gartner
                I. Peter Gartner
                    m. Ingrid _____
                II. Klaus Gartner
                III. Brigitta Gartner
        c. Irma Schießer (2 Jan 1917-- )
             m. Alwin Oskar Schmitt (1911--1990)
                I. Maria Charlotte Schmitt
                II. Wilfried Georg Schmitt  
                III. Ursula Angela Schmitt

        d. Hubert Schießer (20 Nov 1920-- )
            m. Elfrieda Kimmel
                I. Georg Schießer
                II. Egon Schießer
        e. Angela Maria Schießer (11 Nov 1924-- )
            m. Otto Matzer
                I. Susanne Matzer
                II. Brigit Matzer
                III. Sabine Matzer
        f. Felix Schießer (abt. 1927--abt. 1936)

8. Rose Schneider (29 Jun 1892--21 Oct 1980)
m. Anton "Axel" Müller (20 Mar 1889--9 Jul 1965)
[no children]

9. Maria Theresia Schneider (20 Oct 1894--24 Jan 1977)
m. Karl Fuss (13 Aug 1905--24 Mar 1968)
[no children]

Otto Schneider Family notes:

Herman Harold Schneider (16 Aug 1909--28 Dec 1963)

Named for his Grand Uncle, Hermann Ballweg, Herman Schneider was born 16 August, 1909 in Ozone Park NY. He attended St. Aloysius Academy in Brooklyn (graduated 1922). At a very young age, he knew that he wanted to become a Catholic Priest, like his paternal Uncle, Wilhelm Schneider. He graduated from Aquinas College in Columbus, OH, in 1926. He studied at Providence College in Providence, RI, for two years (grad. 1930) and then entered the novitiate in St. Rose's Priory in Springfield, KY, in 1928. For three years he studied philosophy at River Forest, IL. In 1934, he went to the Dominican House of Studies in Wash
ington, DC. He realized his dream in 1935 when he was ordained into the Dominican Order at the age of 26 on 13 June. He said his first mass in his own hometown parish in Northport, at St. Philip Neri's on June 16th, 1935.

Before and aft er World War II--during which he served as a Navy Chaplain--Fr. Schneider was sent to a variety of posts until becoming an instructor of German and an assistant athletic director at Providence College in Rhode Island, where he received an honorary Master of Arts degree in 1958 (he rec'd a Master of Arts degree in languages from Columbia University in 1953). Fr. Schneider was a life-long sports fan and became the "Father of Providence College Hockey" when he organized a team at the small college. One of his players, Lou Lamoriello, went on to become the General Manager of the Stanley Cup Champion New Jersey Devils of the NHL. The Providence Friars now play in Schneider Arena, built on the campus in 1973.

Herman Schneider visited Hardheim, Germany in July of 1960 in the company of his mother and sisters Wilma & Clara. He said mass at the little chapel adjacent to the forester's house at Breitenau where his father had been born.

Health problems emerged around 1961 when he suffered first a heart attack and then a stroke. While spending the Christmas holidays with his family, Herman Schneider died suddenly at the age of 54 on 28 December, 1963, at Manhasset Hospital in Manhasset, LI. After lying in state at Aquinas Hall on the campus at providence College, he was buried in the Dominican Cemetery there.
To read the letters of Fr. Herman Schneider, click HERE. [Be patient]

Otto Joseph Schneider, Jr. (6 Jun 1911--8 Nov 2000)

Otto, Jr., was born on 6 June, 1911. With his older brother far from home studying for the priesthood, it fell to the younger Otto to assist his parents as much as possible at home. In 1936 he married Florence Mastriano (28 August, 1916--16 Jan 2003) and they raised their three children in East Northport. Ultimately Otto and Florence moved to Marietta, Georgia.

Wilhelmina Amalia Schneider (25 July 1913--27 July 1990)

Named for two of her grandparents (Wilhelm Schneider & Louisa Amalia Seitz), Wilma Schneider was born on 25 July, 1913. She never married (she was for a time engaged to John J. McGlynn--they were the godparents of Gertrude Schneider's youngest son, Robert Mackey), and took very seriously her role as eldest daughter in the Schneider household.

She was ill during the last few years of her life. At the time of her death on 27 July, 1990, she was the only child of Anna and Joseph still living at the Schneider home on Scudder Avenue in Northport. For many years she worked in the Insurance office of Oliver Hartt in Northport.

Arthur William Schneider (8 May 1915--12 May 1967)

Artie Schneider was the 3rd and last son born to Anna and Otto Schneider (on 8 May 1915). After his schooling was completed, he obtained a job in the Northport Post Office. He worked there until he was drafted during World War II. While in the service he served in his unit's post office, and to the relief of his mother, never got posted anywhere near the front lines. It was only at the war's end that he was shipped overseas. Although he found himself in the vicinity of his parent's home town of Hardheim, he never got the chance to visit the place or try to make contact with any of his mother's family.

After the War, Artie returned to his job at the Post Office. He married Marie Jenelton in the early 1950s.

He was godfather to both sister Gertrude's oldest son, William Robert Mackey and his sister Beatrice's daughter, Lynne Margaret Kennedy.

Like his father and brother, Herman, Artie died at a young age. He lost a leg to cancer before passing away at the age of 52 on 12 May, 1967.



Clara Marie Schneider (12 Aug 1917--12 Oct 1985)

Vibrant and fun-loving, Clara Schneider was the glue that held the Schneider family together after the deaths of her parents

. Born on 12 August, 1917, she was 5 when the family moved to Northport and remained there for the rest of her life. She worked for many years at the Northport VA Hospital. Although she never married, she was one of those people who counted her friends by the legion.

Clara was very active in St. Philip Neri RC Church and was an avid bowler. Like her sister, Wilma, she joined the local civilian Motor Corps during WWII and transported, among other things, injured soldiers to and from the hospital. Clara, familiarly known as "Kaki", died on 12 August, 1985 and is buried with her parents and sister, Wilma, at St. Philip Neri Cemetery in East Northport.

Gertrude Walburga (Schneider) Mackey (3 Oct 1919--19 Dec 1990)

Trudy always cringed at the sound of her middle name (she was named for her grandmother Walburger Ballweg Schneider). She was born on 3 October, 1919, the last child to be born in Queens before the family moved to Northport.

Of the four Schneider daughters, only Trudy and younger sister Bea married. Trudy married William Mackey. They had three children and later separated. Sadly, before Trudy's death on 19 December, 1990, she had buried two of her three children: Bobby died in a house fire in 1966 at the age of 23, and Diana, plagued for much of her life with illness, including narcolepsy, was 45 when she passed away in 1986.

Beatrice Juliana (Schneider) Kennedy (6 Oct 1922--20 Feb 2005)

The youngest of the Schneider children, Beatrice was born in Maspeth, Queens, just as the family was moving to their new home in Northport, NY. She met her future husband, William Allen Kennedy, on the bus from North port to Farmingdale, where they both were employed at Republic Aviation.

Although there was some concern in the family that she was determined to marry a man who was 10 years her senior and had one failed marriage behind him (that previous union had been annulled), the couple were wed on 8 Nov, 1952, after William's return from service during the Korean War. For a time they lived in Northport, just down the street on Scudder Ave. from the Schneider home, but in 1956 they moved to Smithtown, NY where they raised their 3 children, spent 48 happy years together, and where they both passed away, Bill in 2000 and Bea in 2005.  

                                                                            [photo: Beatrice (left) with her sister, Clara]

Wilhelm Schneider Family notes:

Wilhelmina Schneider (26 Dec 1879--5 Jul 1969)

Minnie Schneider was the first child born to Wilhelm Schneider and Walburga Ballweg at Breitenau, Germany on the 6th of June, 1879. The eldest of six daughters, she was one of five who emigrated to the United States where, on 20 Oct 1903, she married butcher Lorenz Eisenhauer (24 Mar 1876/8--10 Jun 1947), who had come to the USA in 1902 and who became a citizen in 1917. A butcher by trade, he was the son of Franz Eisenhauer and Maria ____ of Schweinberg, Germany. Between 1905 and 1913, they had three children, all of whom married.

When Lorenz Eisenhauer applied for a passport to travel home in 1925, he listed his address as 34 Smart Ave., Flushing, NY.

Lorenz Eisenhauer died on 10 June, 1947 and Minnie on 5 July, 1969. Both are buried at St. Mary's Cemetery in Flushing, Queens

Olive Schneider (29 Jun 1881--Mar 1969)

Born on 29 June, 1881, Olive Schneider came to live in America. There is a record of an Olive Schneider arriving in New York on the Pretoria in on 7 Sept 1906.

When Olive married (16 May 1907), it was to a man from her home-town of Hardheim, Eduard Gruelich (1 Feb 1870--24 Jan 1940). He was the son of Franz Karl Greulich (1841--1912) & Franziska Schreck (b. 1845 in Gissigheim) of Hardheim. He was already a citizen of the USA when he sailed on the S.S. Ryndam from Rotterdam to NY, arriving 20 Oct, 1903 [on a passport application in 1913 he states he had been living in America since 1887, which means he was but 17 years of age when he left Germany]. By coincidence. on the same ship was Anna Josephine Herold, Olive Schneider's future sister-in-law. Eduard, a baker by profession, & Olive had four children, two of whom pre-deceased Olive, who died in March of 1969 just shy of her 88th birthday.
                                            For information on the GREULICH family, click HERE.


Johann Anselm Schneider (10 May 1885--27 Mar 1940)

The second son (and fourth child) of Wilhelm and Walburga Schneider was born with some sort of mental retardation which eventually led to his being institutionalized, and eventually, to his murder. His family could not have known that the German government would systematically kill the mentally ill who did not fit the "image" of the superior Aryan race. Of his death, his sister-in-law, Elise Herold, commented with terrifying non-chalance. "Many more are with him. I think it is the best solution." The world would soon learn more about the Nazi "solution" to internal problems.

Julianna Schneider (27 Dec 1886--26 Aug 1970)

Julia Schneider arrived in the USA 17 September, 1908, in the company of her maternal uncle, Herman Ballweg (a US citizen), and his first wife, Susanna. On the 1910 Federal Census, she is enumerated with her brother-in-law, Lorenz Eisenhauer, husband of her sister, Minnie. She married Eugen Woelfel (1881-1942), a native of Tahl, Alsace Lorraine, on 4 November, 1914 in Queens, NY. Julia Schneider Woelfel died on 26 August, 1970.

Eugen (or Eugene) Woelfel was born in Tahl, Alsace Lorraine on 11 November, 1881. He was the son of Alfons Woelfel and Adele Morgenthaler. Eugen had at least one brother, Alfons (b. 27 Dec 1869).

Like his brother-in-law, Otto Schneider, Eugene moved his family from the crowded city to (what was then) rural Long Island, settling in the town of Melville, NY. In addition to working for the rail road, he and Julia opened a small gas station/diner on the Rte. 110 corridor which eventually expanded into a noted German restaurant known as Woelfel's. After Eugene's death (18 Sept 1942), it was run by his wife and daughters into the 1980s until it was eventually sold. Julia Schneider Woelfel died on 26 August, 1970.

Marie Schneider (20 Oct 1894--24 Jan 1977)
It was at the funeral of his half-brother, Eugen Struve (1942?), that Marie Schneider met her future husband Karl Fuss (13 Aug 1905--24 Mar 1968). He came to the U.S. in 1926, a native of Schoenberg, Germany. He joined the US Army during WWII, attaining the rank of Staff Sergeant. They are buried at LI National Cemetery [2Q, 5036] in Melville, NY.



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