Equipment - What do you need to bowl?


  • Flat soled shoes that have no separation between the front sole and heel (flat from toe to heel)
  • Either have no tread or a shallow tread pattern (or grooves) less than a ¼ inch deep
  • Any color


 Regular Bowling
  •  Comfortable casual wear
 Club Competitions & Visitations
  • Shirts - club color (banana yellow) or white
  • Slacks or shorts - light color or white


 Personal Protection
  • hat
  • sunscreen
  • insect repellent
  • bottled water
 Small towel
  • used to dry off bowls dampened by dew or rain
  • used by vice skip - as an aid to segregate counted bowls
Additional equipment used by
  • skip and vice-skip
  • Markers
  • lawn bowls measure
  • chalk

Lawn Bowls - Borrowing

North Delta Lawn Bowling Club maintains a cupboard of 'club bowls' which may be borrowed for daily play. Preference for bowls selection given to new bowlers on a first come, first serve basis. Charges are as follows:
  1. persons learning to bowl - no charge
  2. NDLBC members who are novice bowlers or 1st year bowlers - no charge
  3. NDLBC members who have played for more than one year - Fee $2 per day

Lawn Bowls - Purchasing

Eventually you may want to buy a set of bowls. The first decision will be to buy new or used bowls. Most bowlers will start with used

  • What is the size range for lawn bowls?

World Bowls specifications  stipulate - lawn bowls made of wood, rubber, or plastic resin should:
  • measure between 116 millimetres and 134 millimetres across at their widest points; and
  • weigh up to 1.59 kilograms.
There are variations in the design and materials used to manufacture bowls, therefore the following table is meant as an approximate guideline.
 Bowls Size Size - Inches Size - Millimeters Approx Weight - Pounds Approx Weight - Kilograms
004 9/16"
 116 mm 2 lb 14 oz
 1.31 kg
 0  4 5/8"   
 117 mm
 2 lb 15 oz
 1.33 kg
14 3/4'
 121 mm
 3 lb 1 oz
 1.37 kg
2 4 13/16"
 122 mm
 3 lb 1 oz
 1.39 kg
3 4 7/8"
 124 mm
 3 lb 1 3/4 oz
 1.41 kg
4 4 15/16"
 125 mm
 3 lb 2 3/4 oz
 1.44 kg
 127 mm
 3 lb 4 1/2 oz
 1.50 kg
65 1/16"
 129 mm
 3 lb 5 3/4 oz
 1.53 kg
75 1/8"
 131 mm 3 lb 6 3/4 oz
 1.56 kg
  • What size bowls should I purchase?

As a guide, The Bowlsworld Blog indicates the common bowls range for:
  • men is size 3 to a size 5. 
  • Ladies size is a size 0 to size 2.
Methods for selecting the correct size of bowl:
  1. wrap your hands around the widest running surface of a bowl so that the middle fingers touch at the bottom. The bowl fits your hand if your thumbs just touch at the top without overlapping. If, when bowling, the bowl slips out of your hand or the bowl drops onto the grass then you should move down in size until you are comfortably in control of your bowls
  1. grasp the bowl in your normal 'claw grip' then extend your arm to arms length, at this point invert your hand. The bowl should feel comfortable in your hand and not slip, your arm is relaxed. You should play with the largest bowl you can execute this exercise with.
  • Do all bowls have the same bias?

No - Bowls manufacturers design a range of bowls to meet performance requirements on different greens. The Henselite website provides an excellent outline describing how their line of bowls perform on various greens.

 Bowls Manufacturer
 Bias Charts and Information
 Drakes Pride
see - All manufacturers
 Taylor Bowls
 All manufacturers
  • What does the date stamp mean?

The World Bowls Stamp was introduced in 2002.A current stamp is a requirement for the bowls to be valid for use in major competitions under the control of World Bowls.

    • Law 8.2   states that for domestic play, Member National Authorities can decide the requirements for re-testing and re-stamping bowls. Bowls Canada Boulingrin is the Canadian National Authority. Conditions of Play for the various Canadian National Championships indicate bowls inspections will be performed. Examples include: 
      • At the Canadian Junior Championships bowl and shoe inspections shall be conducted prior to each game.
      • At the Majors a bowl and shoe inspection shall be staged prior to the start of the competition.

World Bowls requires that licensed manufacturers and licensed testers put the registered 'World Bowls Stamp ' either on the small end or between the inner and outer rings of the bowl.

According to bowls tester Pershore Bowls Centre, there are only 9 standardized bowls testing tables in the world - five of them in Australia and four in the UK. World Bowls maintains a list of bowls manufacturers and testers

In the following video Mark Hensell, Production Manager for Henselite, is interviewed regarding the standards for the manufacture of lawn bowls. The procedure for testing bowls is covered.

  • Where can I buy used bowls?

potential sources for used lawn bowls include:

  • Where can I buy new bowls?

 Manufacturer StockistContact Information
Drakes Pride
On the Rocks Curling Store
4249 Hastings Street
Burnaby, BC
Phone: (604)294-4044
HenseliteHopwood Agencies
Cell: (604)329-2386
Taylor Bowls
Cymric Bowls Sales
Phone: (604)730-4581