e-folio Rubric






Item and Points

0 points

.5 point

1 points

Overall Layout

The layout offers little appeal to potential visitors.

The layout offers an attractive appeal to potential visitors.

The layout is very exciting and attractive to potential visitors.


(listed below)

Information is incomplete and unorganized.

Information is mostly complete and is organized to some extent. (1 point)

Information is complete and well organized. (4 points)


Many grammatical errors.  Language is uninteresting.

There are few grammatical errors.  Descriptive language is used.

There are very few or no grammatical errors.  Language is very descriptive.

Use of Technology

Few or no images are included.  Images used are out of context.

An adequate number of images are used.  Images clearly relate to the text.

Full use of images without overdoing it.  Images fully support and compliment the written text.


Sources of information and images are not documented.

Some sources of information and images are documented.

All sources of information and images are well documented.



1. [x] Personal Bio
2  [x] Contact (insert Link, choose web page, type in "mailto:your_email_address@stlawu.edu")
EDUC 203 Assignments:
     a. [x] Constructivism
     b. [x] Quick Constructivism Lesson Plan (or link)
     c. [x] School Culture
     d. [x] Blooms Taxonomy
4. Field Experience Assignments:
     I. [ ] Journals (in the form of a blog – choose "announcements" as your template).
     II. [ ] FE Assignments

          a. [ x] Observe the Classroom
          b. [ /] Observe one Student (First Day/Last Day)
          c. [x] Observe a Lesson
          d. [x] Tutor a Student
5. [ ] Issues Paper
6. [/] Authentic Task plan and Blog 
7. [x] Group Presentation Lesson Plan with Attachments (PowerPoints, Video, ...)
    [  ] With Reflection of how you think your lesson went (after you present.)
    [  ] Rubric
8. [/] Knowledge Pack Description, Pros, Cons, Opinions, Resources, References
9. [/] Guest Presentation Host: Presenters Bio, Discussion Questions and Answers,                        10. [ ] Reflection of Guest Presentation