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These percussion workshops will cover much of the knowledge, skills and understanding of Key Stages I, II and III of the Music National Curriculum.

Creativity and teamwork are the main themes. All the children play various percussion instruments: 20 conventional tom toms, 4 Cuban congas, the Indian tabla, the African bugarubu and Latin American bongos, with the guiro, cabassa, claves and tambourines augmenting the sounds, with Ken accompanying on the drum kit. The children learn elementary but very effective rhythmic structures, culminating in a thunderous arrangement with the resonating Tibetian singing bowl providing a calm, harmonic finale. Ken's natural rapport and Liverpool humour enhances the experience.

The workshops normally last 45 mins.

  • 3 sessions in the morning.
  • 2 afternoon sessions.
  • 30 children approx in each session.
  • Ken also offers individual drum tuition if required.