18 April 2019

New song posted today. I'm not writing so many as I used to. I was thinking I'd just run out of things to say but some songs are still out there just waiting to be written down.

12 Feb 2016

What's going on? I was checking my Soundcloud account (where I post the songs I've recorded). Most of them have had between 2 & 20 plays. Some have even had 3 or 4 downloads. So far, so ho-hum. I'm not a performer. I'm not trying to be famous. I'm just sharing the songs God gave me. But then I spotted "There Are Days" had 103 plays and "The Pilot" had 398 plays and THIRTY downloads! Which puzzles me. I mean The Pilot is a nice song, one of my favourites, but why has that one had so many plays and downloads? What did I do right? Whoever likes this one so much tell me what I did so I can do it again.

E-mail is kenlewis149@netscape.net

About me.

I'm told I should tell you something about myself. As far as I'm concerned, its only the songs that matter but 'who am I to blow against the wind?'.

My name is Ken Lewis. I live and work in South Wales and I've been writing songs since I was ten. My first was a total rip off of the Four Pennies song 'Juliet' and has been carefully erased from my memory.

My influences are Simon & Garfunkel, James Taylor, John Martyn, Gordon Lightfoot and people like that. I am a huge fan of Billy Joel but I couldn't write like him to save my life.

Like all singer-songwriters, I write about what interests me. I've been a Christian (of the moderate and sensible kind) since I was 17 and a Reader (a kind of Lay Preacher) since 1984. So about half my songs are taken from Bible stories but they're not 'Gospel' style. I come from the folk / blues tradition and that's what they sound like. (Although one has been described as a 'showtune'). The others are just about whatever interests me. There's a batch written on 2001-2003 that were quite bluesy but I was being treated for cancer at the time and that tends to mess with your head.

I'm okay now, thank you for asking, and ready to rock - well at least sing in a folky manner.

Here's a collection of some of my songs for your edification and delight. If you like any of them you're quite welcome to perform them yourselves in a church, charity or amateur context. I'm good like that.

Of course, if by some strange chance you actually make money out of them, well I AM the writer, the copyright stays with me and I will want my proper share. Fair enough?

If you do perform them anywhere I'd love to know. Please e-mail me or catch up with me on Facebook