Laundra Links

Best of the Soc Sites
For Academics
American Sociological Association
American Sociological Review (ASR journal)
The Society Pages
Public Books (an international community of writers)
New Books in Sociology
International Visual Sociology Association
American Humanist Association
American Civil Liberties Union

For the Soc Enthusiast
This Week in Sociology Blog
Everyday Sociology Blog (fact checking urban myths)
The Onion (just for fun)
WTF with Marc Maron (Podcast interviews)

Take Action (Bill Moyers)
10 Documentaries on Champs of Social Justice (track fav non-profits and NGO's; Facebook linked)
They (creates flowchart of ties between multinational boards of directors. That is, it shows you "the man.")
Global Revolution TV (live Occupy feeds here)
Occupy Wall Street (see what's STILL going on!)

The Truly Bizarre
Upwake (no way to explain this one...)
Student Resources (students rate profs) (rent your textbooks cheap here) (cheap textbooks here)
Sponsor (service work pays 4 student loan)
Survey Monkey (create free online surveys)
Free Online Tutorials in MS Office (free space to upload/view documents)
Versatile (soc jobs outside academe)
ASA Style Guide

Laundra's Book: Freeland: Delinquency in Rural America
Laundra's Sociology Blog, "Sosh Chat"
The Dump: Laundra's current research project
Online Journal of Rural Research & Policy
Laundra's Popular Culture Links
Laundra's YouTube Channel
Laundra's Video/Audio Download Page
Ken's Reading Room (talk about books)

Data/Data Analysis
2010 U.S. Census Data
GSS General Social Survey
Social Explorer (interactive demographic mapping)
Berkeley GSS Data Set (Babbie link)
Google Labs: Ngram viewer (content analysis for text)

Alternative News Sources
Democracy Now!
National Public Radio (NPR)
Link TV Documentaries
Free Speech TV
The Juice Media (Rap News)
TED Talks (amazing lectures)
Free Documentaries.Org (free video docs here)
Snag Films (more free video docs here)
Big Picture TV (talking heads discuss social issues)
POV (point of view documentaries from PBS)
Real News Network (the real news is here)
Khan Academy (free lectures)
Current TV (viewer created news)
The Daily Beast (your daily news briefing)
The Global Post (international news)
Center for Inquiry (video casts)

Environmental Sociology
Environmental News Network (find local/organic food in your area)
IPCC (see the data on climate change for yourself)
The Story of Stuff | The Story of Cap & Trade
Earth First!
Sea Shepherds
Peaceful Uprising
The Zeitgeist Films and The Zeitgeist Movement
Garbology (NPR audio report/website)