Check out our personalised leather woggles and other promotional and souvenir products for scouts and guides over the next few pages. If you have any questions, just phone me on 01782 838169.  I work flexi hours, so if you don't catch me there's an answer machine for you to leave me your contact number.  
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I've been involved in making woggles since Staffordshire Scouts were looking for someone to make their Staffordshire Challenge woggles back in 1979.  Our local Camp Site, Kibblestone, then wanted some too, and from there it snowballed. Today we send woggles to customers in Holland, Norway and Austria as well as throughout the UK. We remain a small family concern, so you are guaranteed our personal attention. No two customers are alike, and between our leather colours, print colours and print possibilites, we can produce something just right for you.