Kenj Consulting is a boutique provider of consulting services to the IT industry, specializing in processes for successful development, launch and support of software-based products and services.

Based in Melbourne (Australia), Kenj Consulting was founded by Dr. Ken McDonell in 2008.

With over 40 years of computing experience spanning academia, software engineering and performance analysis for computer manufacturers, delivery of complex software products and web-based software as a service, we have a breadth and depth of knowledge spanning many aspects of the successful design, construction and delivery of current IT solutions.

Our goal is to use that knowledge and experience to provide advice to the direct benefit your business and products.

We offer consultancy in the following areas:

Software Engineering Processes

Practical advice for developing vibrant and robust processes to maximize quality and productivity throughout the software development life cycle.

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Performance Analysis

To deliver optimal system or application performance requires an understanding of each layer in the solution architecture, coupled with a rigorous experimental method using a variety of approaches and tools.

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Assessment of Emerging Technologies

Our experience in the innovative heartland of Silicon Valley and with bringing new and radical technologies to the world-wide marketplace offers valuable insight to assist your decision making.

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Mentoring Senior Managers

Often the issues confronting senior managers are common across the spectrum of functions and products. In this context, impartial advice from a "critical friend" who has "been there and done that" can often be most insightful and helpful.

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Open Source Issues

As open source components become more common in mainstream IT solutions, co-existence with proprietary components and licensing obligations pose interesting challenges.

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