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Brief overview

ABCLaunch is a mouse-less launcher.
ABCLaunch incrementally searches applications whose name matches keywords you input.

How to use

  1. Launch ABCLaunch, then you can find "ABC" menu in the menu bar.
  2. Hold down "Command + F11", and you can see a window titled "ABCLaunch"
  3. Input a part of a file's name.
    e.g. "s"

    ABCLaunch search files incrementally, so you don't need to type the full name like "Safari".
  4. Open a file with one of below methods.
    • Push return to open the first item.
    • Push Command + num (1-9) to open the 'num'th file listed in ABCLaunch window.
    • Select a file and push return.
    • Double click a file.


ABCLaunch 0.6.3:

Universal Binary
Mac OS 10.3.9 or later
Please note that ABCLaunch 0.6.3 has been tested only on iMac Core 2 Duo (2.16 GHz) Mac OS X 10.4.9. If you notice something wrong under other environments, it would be very helpful to let me know. :)

ABCLaunch 0.6.2:

Tested on following environments.
  • iBook/G3/800(32VRAM) Mac OS X 10.3.9.
  • iBook/G4/1.33 Mac OS X 10.4.5 (Thanx, Mr. Kawai)


Although ABCLaunch is free, I don't refuse any donations.
If you feel ABCLaunch is worth donating $10 or whatever you feel is an appropriate amount, please click the below button.
Thanx a lot. :-)


Apr. 3. 2007 ABCLaunch 0.6.3


0.6.3Apr. 3. '07
Universal Binary (finally).
An indicator showing a searching status only appears when searching.
0.6.2May. 19. '05
Bug fix: there was no way to activate again after activaing another application during setting the hot key.
Bug fix: Japanese input method did not work.
Command + R shows the first item when no selection.
0.6.1Apr. 2. '05
Bug fix: didn't show the current hot key in the menu.
0.6Apr. 1. '05
Made the search window compact.
Can specify more keys as the hot-key. e.g. command + space.
Command + R shows the selection of results in Finder.
Bug fix: small bugs.
0.5Feb. 23. '05
Can specify arbitrary keys as the hot-key.
ABCLaunch has its application icon.
Bug fix: cannot sometimes adjust widths of columns.
Bug fix: Other small bugs.
0.4.2Feb. 7. '05
Bug fix: There remain dusts on the window after searching.
Bug fix: Other small bugs.
0.4.1Jan. 31. '05
Bug fix: 0.4 cannot run under some environments.
0.4Jan. 30. '05
Return (enter) opens the first item.
Show icons in results.
Enable to specify the number of items which are shown.
Show an indicator which represents if it is during search or not.
Make search more efficient.
Bug fix: saving widths of columns of the path and the name.
0.3.5Jan. 6. '05
Bug fix: Finder didnt come front when open files and directories
0.3.4Jan. 5. '05
Bug fix: To set up was required at the first running.
Make rehash more efficient.
0.3.3Nov. 14. '04
Bug fix: Escape as a shortcut of input methods didn't work.
Add cut (command+C), paste (command+V), copy (command+C) and select all (command+A).
0.3.2Oct. 26. '04
Bug fix: failur in placing file types for some applications.
Bug fix: files which doesn't have any applications to open with.
0.3.1Jul. 23. '04
Bug fix: full keyboard access.
Bug fix: query field doesn't receive Return.
Bug fix: alternative back ground color of results of search.
0.3Jul. 15. '04
New options to show or hide types and paths of files.
Double click and return can now open a file.
Fix bugs.
0.2Jan. 12. '04
enable to hide the status menu in the menu bar.
enable to specify paths to ignore during rehashing.
show the kind of files in the search results.
show the sheet window to indicate the rehashing explicitly.
fix the bug of failing to save the position of the window.
fix the bug of failing to save the width of columns of search results table.
fix the other bugs.
0.1Oct. 11. '03the first release